10 Things A Liver Function Test (LFT) Diagnosed Person Should Do

Abnormal liver functioning can disrupt the body’s metabolism leading to severe diseases including liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. So, observing possible changes in certain levels of enzymes or proteins from time to time through Liver Function Tests is crucial. 

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Procedure for a Liver Function Test

For any type of liver function test, blood samples need to be drawn from the individual’s body. Tiny amount of blood is taken from a vein, the process for which is discussed below:

Prepping the skin surface

At the LFT test in Delhi specialized testing facility, the healthcare admin will firstly clean the surface of the skin to detect the likelihood of bacteria or microorganisms that can cause an infection.

Readying the arm

The next step is putting an elastic band or a tourniquet right above the spot where the doctor will draw blood from. Tying elastic above the area gets the veins there to swell with blood, thus easing the process of drawing the blood.

Drawing the blood sample

Once the veins have become more visible and the blood swells heavily, the doctor uses a needle to inject the spot for drawing samples of a tiny unit of blood from the arm. The blood is pulled using a syringe, tube, or vial.

Gauzing for care

Once the blood sample is taken, the healthcare administrator will remove the elastic band and place some gauze over the surface. 

Bandage for safety

After letting the gauze stand for five to eight minutes, the healthcare admin puts a bandage over the blood puncture site to ensure it doesn’t spread over. 

Test conclusion 

The LFT test is concluded after the blood that is drawn is poured into a disinfected tube and sent to the laboratory units for testing.

Microscopic machines and screeners process the blood samples drawn during LFT, so it may take a few hours to one full day for your results to be available. Once the results have come in, the doctor may suggest follow-up tests or medication for the detected ailment.

Things A Liver Function Test (LFT) Diagnosed Person Should Do

LFT test in Delhi helps alert liver specialists of potential problems that do not appear as diseases for the first time. Examples are diarrhea, fatty liver disease, jaundice, and hepatitis. Here below, we have curated a complete list of things you should know if you are diagnosed with LFT test:

  • Stop taking high power medications a week before your LFT 
  • Monitor your bowel movements a week before the prescribed test
  • As the doctor suggests, you should stop eating and drinking eight to twelve hours before the test 
  • Let your LFT test in Delhi doctor know about any additional medication you are taking that might affect the results
  • Wear light and loose clothing on the day of your LFT
  • Try wearing short-sleeved garments for your LFT test day at the hospital
  • Stay still while the blood sample is being drawn from the arm
  • Focus on the surroundings, not on the blood being drawn 
  • If you feel dizzy after a blood test, carry a bottle of water to drink soon after the test
  • Carry some fruits or light biscuits to eat after the LFT in case you live far away from the LFT test in Delhi unit

A liver function test is a medically safe procedure with minimal risks. If you fear injection needles, talk to your doctor before the test to work out a way out of easing the process. 

If you think you will experience discomfort after the LFT test in Delhi, request a medical care attendant beforehand to assist you closely during the procedure.