5 Signs You Could Be Having A Stroke

A stroke is a brain attack caused by a blockage or rupture in any blood vessels supplying oxygen-rich blood to the brain. The term “stroke” is used interchangeably with “brain attack” because people often think they are having a heart attack when experiencing symptoms similar to those of a stroke. People who have had a stroke may experience weakness on one side of the body and paralysis on the opposite side. A loss of muscle coordination, sensation, vision, and/or speech can also be symptoms that people with a brain attack or stroke might experience. In this article, we look at some of the common signs that you could be experiencing a stroke, and you need to see a neurologist experienced in treating a stroke in New York.

  • Dystonia

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that results in muscles contracting and twisting involuntarily. The sufferer experiences sustained muscle contractions that cause the affected body part to tremor, twist, draw up, and sometimes jerk painfully. Dystonia can affect voice, eyes, limbs, or pretty much any muscle group in the body. People who suffer from this disorder can experience pain completely out of proportion to their actual physical condition. There are over 200 types of dystonia that have been described in medical terminology. However, the aim is to provide patients with an understandable diagnosis and available treatment options for their particular form of dystonia.

  • Alexia

This disorder is characterized by the loss of the ability to read. If you suddenly find yourself unable to decode the printed word as you used to before, that could be a sign of Alexia or Dyslexia. People who suffer from this condition can also experience difficulty speaking and understanding speech. They may not be able to follow conversations with more than one person, and this disorder can also cause the sufferer to lose their ability to write.

  • Headache Accompanied by Vomiting

Headache accompanied by vomiting is a common sign that could indicate a stroke. There are many cases where people who experienced this condition also experienced other symptoms such as facial weakness on one side or drooping of the mouth. You should see your doctor immediately if you experience both of these symptoms. But remember, not every headache is a brain attack or stroke, so you should also see your doctor if you suffer frequent headaches or worse because of stress.

  • Impaired Coordination

If you experience poor coordination in any part of your body, it could signify that you are having a stroke. This is because when the oxygen supply to the brain or cerebral cortex is impaired, this can cause problems with your ability to handle objects and things like walking, talking, and even swallowing.

  • Metallic Taste in the Mouth

Metallic taste in the mouth can be experienced by people with a brain attack or stroke. This is because oxygen-rich blood cannot reach certain brain regions, which can result in altered senses, including changes to your sense of taste.

In summary, there are many common signs of a brain attack or stroke which you might experience, but not every headache is a brain attack. So if you suffer severe or chronic headaches and want to know more about this and its treatment options, then get in touch with the best neurologists in New York that specialize in treating headaches and strokes.