Aging brings about inevitable changes in the skin, which additional to discomfort could cause decline in confidence for people who hold appearance in high regard. This could impact every arena of life in several ways. If you are here; you are possibly one of them too! 

Are you tired of people commenting about your fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars? Have tried every possible cream you could and yet haven’t gotten satisfactory results? It’s time you choose something beyond the usual. 

Microneedling; an effective method to minimize the effect of aging has been recently gaining prominence in the world of skin care treatments. It involves puncturing the skin using micro needles to activate the body’s healing mechanisms and triggering production of collagen and elastin, which play a significant role in improving health of the skin.

Since microneedling is mildly invasive procedure, it needs to be undertaken by professional dermatologists or aestheticians. Clinique Anti-Aging microneedling for instance have expert experienced professionals who work on your skin leaving it rejuvenated. 

Below are mentioned some things you need to know when getting a microneedling treatment: 

1] A consultation is recommended 

Since microneedling involves actually pricking holes in the skin; it is recommended that you take a consultation from aestheticians to know if the treatment will actually work for your skin and not have side effects. 

2] It is not painless

The pain factor is something that everyone questions when the procedure of microneedling is mentioned. Since sterilized needles are actually inserted in the skin; the process can not really be painless, however, the pain never really persists and seldom lingers. You might experience pain in the forehead region but it is tolerable.

3] Instant effect 

Results of microneedling are very apparent. Post the treatment once redness subsides, you will instantly notice the positive difference that has occurred.

4] Post treatment care 

Once the treatment is done, you need to ensure you refrain from activities that cause sweating like gym and sauna and avoid exposure to sun since this can cause inflammatory reactions. Keep your skin hydrated and steer clear of abrasive product usage. 

5] Expensive 

Microneedling is not going to be pocket-friendly but it certainly is effective in the long term; making it an investment into yourself. 

Your skin is an indicator of your overall health; make sure it is well-tended and in its best form!