6 Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments For Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry has been practiced for quite some time. Cosmetic dentistry in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY procedures is primarily concerned with improving the appearance and smiles of teeth. Conversely, general dentistry aid in treating a variety of oral complications. These procedures are primarily used for cosmetic reasons, but they can also have therapeutic benefits. The following are the six most common cosmetic dentistry procedures performed today.

  1. Teeth whitening 

Whitening teeth means restoring or lightening the natural tooth color using bleaching agents such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to remove tooth discoloration. When can bleaching help with discoloration? If color particles penetrate the enamel, they can no longer be removed by brushing and caring for your teeth. Even professional teeth cleaning is frequently ineffective. Teeth whitening is the only way to restore your teeth’s natural color. Certain foods, such as red wine or coffee, are often to blame for the unappealing discoloration. Furthermore, certain iron and nitrate medications can cause color pigment accumulation.

  1. Cosmetic dental crowns

Crowns (caps) are custom-made to fit over your entire tooth after being prepared by the cosmetic dentist. They are typically acrylic, or porcelain merged with metal to endure biting pressure. Crowns are used in cosmetic dentistry to diagnose teeth that are poorly shaped, chipped, broken, severely decayed, or have had large fillings and to fill gaps between teeth.

  1. Cosmetic orthodontic procedure

Orthodontics is not only for children. Adults are increasingly seeking cosmetic orthodontic treatment from orthodontists. If you have crooked or buck teeth, ask your dentist if an orthodontist can help.

  1. Dental veneers

Veneers enhance your smile by incorporating new teeth into your existing teeth. Veneers are entirely undetectable and, in many cases, a superior alternative to more complex dentures – or too lengthy orthodontic treatment. Conversely, the objective is cosmetic advancement of the teeth in the aesthetic vicinity: Teeth gaps or gaps are filled. The tooth color is beautified for a radiant smile, and any defects on the tooth surface, such as those caused by teeth grinding or a tooth accident, are hidden. Aside from the aesthetic appearance, the emphasis is on durability and function, which lasts for many years.

  1. Dental implants

Implants are intended to replace missing or lost teeth. The dentist inserts a small titanium screw at the location of a missing tooth to sustain the incoming implant. The operation can be a lasting fix to missing teeth if you maintain good oral hygiene during the implant placement period and keep food and other debris away from the implant area.

  1. Tooth bonding

Tooth bondings are similar to a transparent plaster applied to the tooth’s surface with a unique adhesive. The substance is not hard and firm but relatively soft, with excellent foils, the color of which relates to the patient’s natural tooth whiteness and thus visually merges with the natural tooth. Tooth bondings ensure a more natural-looking, even whitening of the teeth.

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