6 Top Benefits of Post-Mohs Surgery?

As a Texan in Dallas, you’ve likely heard of Mohs surgery. It is a form of skin cancer treatment in which the doctor uses a thin layer to remove layers of tissue, one by one, until all traces of the cancer are gone. But what about post-Mohs surgery? Is it possible that there could be benefits for patients who have already undergone this procedure? As it turns out, yes. What you need is finding a perfect Dallas post-Mohs surgery. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider post-Mohs surgery.

  • Minimally-Invasive

First and foremost, people who have had Mohs surgery will be pleased to note that it is a minimally-invasive treatment option. In most cases, the entire procedure can be completed in just a few hours. Also, post-Mohs surgery doesn’t require any anesthesia, as the patient remains awake throughout the process.

Many people who have had Mohs surgery are concerned about the appearance of their skin in the aftermath, particularly when it comes to scarring. Fortunately, the overall goal of post-Mohs surgery is pretty much the same as Mohs surgery itself. Both aim to minimize scarring by making the incision site as small as possible.

  • Decreasing Pain

The other reason for considering post-Mohs surgery is decreasing pain and other discomforts after the procedure. Not only can people have their cancer removed through this minimally-invasive method, but they can also reduce any pain and discomfort that typically accompanies the healing process.

  • Minimizing Damage To Healthy Skin

It also protects healthy skin. Because the entire purpose of this procedure is to minimize the damage done during removal, it can result in minor damage being done to healthy skin. It can be a significant benefit for people who have had Mohs surgery in the past, mainly when it concerns the treatment of eyelids, which are often damaged during the procedure.

  • High Cure Rates

Post-Mohs surgery has to do with high cure rates. In general, the cure rate for cancer tends to go up as more tissue is removed from a patient during treatment. By utilizing less skin in the removal process, people treated through Mohs surgery can increase their chances of being cancer-free as time goes on.

  • Time-Saving

It may not come as a massive surprise that Mohs surgery tends to be something of a time-consuming process. Now imagine the amount of time saved when less skin is removed during treatment. This can have a significant impact on patients who have been diagnosed with multiple types of skin cancer or those who have been treated for a vast area.

  • Works for All Skin Types

Of course, no matter what the reasons are for considering post-Mohs surgery, it should be noted that this type of treatment works for all skin types. While not everyone who has had Mohs surgery will want to consider getting it again, those will find that significant benefits can come from receiving post-Mohs surgery.

If you’ve undergone Mohs surgery in the past, post-Mohs surgery may be a treatment option worth considering. This minimally-invasive procedure can help to decrease pain and discomfort while also minimizing scarring. In addition, it has high cure rates and is suitable for all skin types. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your recovery after Mohs surgery, post-Mohs surgery may be the right choice for you.