7 things to know about orthodontic care for adults

Parents should schedule a meeting with an orthodontist as soon as their child turns 7. Early intervention is always better, but that doesn’t mean orthodontic care is only for pre-teens and kids. In fact, over 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults in the US. Unfortunately, many adults feel concerned about the first visit, and before you schedule yours with an Orthodontist in Irving, TX, check the details listed below.

  1. No age limit: You don’t have to be a 20-year-old to see orthodontic care. People of all ages benefit from having an aligned smile. At the least, you should meet an orthodontist and discuss your concerns to know if there are treatments that you can consider.
  2. No pain: You will not feel any pain with most orthodontic treatments, including metal braces. Getting used to your aligners or braces takes a while, but there won’t be any discomfort. With advanced tech, treatments can be planned to avoid pain.
  3. Seeing an orthodontist is necessary: While many general dentists offer orthodontic care, you should always visit an expert for malocclusions and related concerns. Orthodontists have additional training and specialize in the field, offering superior care for adults and kids alike.
  4. Not expensive: Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic care is not as costly. Yes, some treatments, such as Invisalign, may cost more than usual braces, but depending on your insurance plan, you may not have to pay much. Many clinics also offer flexible payment plans.
  5. It is not as time-consuming: While cosmetic treatments can offer a perfect smile instantly, especially if you have gapped teeth, orthodontic treatments can take time. However, adults can see visible results with many options and get a straight smile within 24 months or less.
  6. Clear aligners are great: If you don’t like those ugly braces made of metal brackets, you can consider clear aligners. Invisalign, for instance, comes with custom trays that are almost invisible. The aligners are removable, which allows you to eat and continue brushing normally.
  7. Having straight teeth is beneficial for many reasons: While aesthetics is often a reason why adults seek orthodontic care, there are several benefits of having aligned teeth. You can clean your teeth and gums easily, eat the foods you like, and avoid additional concerns related to TMJ and sleep apnea.

Look for clinics in Irving that specialize in orthodontic treatments for adults and schedule a meeting to learn more about your concerns and possible options.