Best Ways to Regain Custody of a Child after Drug Abuse

When a parent suffers from drug abuse, they are likely to lose custody of their children. It is harder to convince people and your family that you can now take care of your children after treatment.

Once you complete your rehab, you can successfully ask for the custody of your child without many legal challenges.

Take a few minutes to read this blog and learn how to regain custody of your child as parent.

Types of children custody


This is where authorities make decisions about your child’s school care and other things


This particular once decides where your child will be staying for the period you are in rehab


This is the custody where both parents have the permission to stay with a child on specified duration and in intervals


This is where one parents are given the permission to take care of all the child’s needs and make decisions

Best Ways to Regain Custody of Your Child after Drug Addiction

Join a support group

The best way to show you have made a commitment to remain sober is to join a support group close to you. Either as a man or woman and you had a drug addiction, seek a group that can help you after rehab.

Many of the groups have sessions that help you adopt and learn how to live a drug free life. Some of the groups are available online and others within your home area.

Finalize any court issues

In some extreme drug abuse cases, families and spouses may have taken full custody of the child with court orders. The court may have also placed some rules before you are allowed to interact with your child. As such any requirement made by the court, you should try and comply so that you can get your child back.

Get a job

Adverse drug use and abuse may have led to job loss. In this state you need a stable income to feed yourself and support your children. This is the best moment to get a job and work hard. When you are able to provide you are more likely to convince the courts and society to give you custody for your child.

In addition, seek a job that supports your recovery journey as an addict and does not compromise your relationship with your child.

Settle in a sober living society

A drug free environment is very important for you immediately after rehab program and when recovering. As such find a society free of drugs. Better still you can find a new place to live in fresh from where you were residing. This can be helpful when regaining custody of your children.

Avoid distractions

The process of getting back your child can be strenuous and at times can lead to depression and anxiety.  Do not forget you are on recovery journey, focus on your health and overcome any challenge and distractions.

Even when you encounter challenges, stay positive until you get your children back.


In case you need further support after treatment Rise Recovery, Drugs and Detox Centre is available to help you stay sober and adopt a healthy living after rehab