The amazing advancements in facial aesthetics today mean that you have tremendous options when it comes to facial rejuvenation. There are cosmetic solutions that deliver exceptional results in both non-surgical and surgical procedures. At Blue Illusion Beauty, we can create a new and more beautiful version of you. Our highly skilled and artistic team has offices conveniently located in Carlsbad, Murrieta, and San Diego, CA, and also serves Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, and the Cardiff areas.

The Finest Facial Plastic Surgeons in SoCal

When you decide to move forward with cosmetic rejuvenation, such as a facelift in San Diego, CA, the most important thing to consider is the expert who will be performing your plastic surgery. A specialist’s background and skill matter, along with their reputation in the industry.

Dr. Ritvik Mehta, MD, is a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon, and Dr. Vish Banthia, MD, is a double-board-certified facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon. Both professionals are standouts in their field and offer a wide variety of services, including a neck lift in San Diego, CA, a rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA, a brow lift in San Diego, CA, and more.

A neck lift is performed to address signs of aging, such as loose or sagging skin, excess fat deposits, and muscle banding in the neck area. During a neck lift, your surgeon may remove or redistribute excess skin and fat, tighten underlying muscles, and reposition or redefine the contours of the neck and jaw.

A Complimentary Online Consultation

Whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical rejuvenation, it’s an important decision and nothing you should ever take lightly. Your aesthetic preferences are personal to you and you alone. You want to go with a surgeon who can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and desired results.

Dr. Mehta and Dr. Banthia have extensive expertise in the anatomy of the key structures in the face and neck. Blue Illusion Beauty offers a free online consultation. For out-of-town potential clients, the practice provides a “virtual consultation,” where one can submit high-resolution photos. If you’re interested in eyelid surgery in San Diego, CA, or perhaps lip augmentation, our team can advise you on treatments and procedures that would work for you.

Blue Illusion Spa for Relaxing Beauty

At Blue Illusion Beauty, you will also find the perfect place for a day spa and medi-spa combined. Blue Illusion Spa is an elegant beauty spa in San Diego, CA, that offers a serene oasis. There, you can choose from a large variety of non-surgical aesthetics, including Botox, dermal filler, IPL Laser, a liquid facelift, microneedling with PRP, fat injections, Latisse for eyelash growth, and more.

Effective Therapy for Facial Paralysis

If you’re seeking treatment for facial nerve palsy, Blue Illusion Beauty also has a Facial Nerve Center. Facial neuromuscular rehabilitation in San Diego, CA, or FNR, is a therapy that uses specific movement training techniques to optimize facial muscular control.

Each face is unique, and a great plastic surgeon understands proportion and balance. This expert has superb knowledge of ideal facial aesthetics with an unparalleled surgical skill. Consider the fine team at Blue Illusion Beauty for exquisite facial rejuvenation.