Bone Fracture Facts You Need to Know 

At some point in your life, you might have experienced some form of foot pain or injury and some of you might have needed medical attention for it and others would have simply relied on home remedies or tough it out. Either way, we have always taken our feet for granted – and that could lead to problems we would have never expected. 

The stress that we put them through can not only make our days uncomfortable but they also tend to affect our moods and overall well being. Hence, it is more important than ever for us to know all there is about our bones so that we know exactly how to take care of them in the future. Here are a few important facts about bone fractures that you need to know. 

Millions Affected 

Having to experience broken bones is terrifying no matter what age you are. And you probably didn’t know this but according to the statistics provided by the Piedmont Orthopedics, approximately six million Americans tend to suffer from one broken at least in a single year. To many, that would seem like a crazy number but if you think about all of the kids who fall off from playground structures and people who get into car accidents then all the injuries would add up. 


People who are older than 65 are more likely to break their hip bones than any other bones in their body. This is usually caused by severe injuries, past injuries that are acting up, or illnesses such as osteoporosis – a disease that weakens your bones and increases the chances of unexpected fractures. 

Common Fractures 

Many orthopedic professionals have said that the collarbone or the clavicle is one of the most frequently broken bones. Many times it has been relatively easy for people to break the bones in their wrists, ankles and arms. Fortunately, orthopedic surgeons can help patients all all ages to quickly recover from these injuries. 

Fracture And Break Differences 

Some patients believe that break refers to a completely separated bone whereas a fracture refers to a crack in the bones. However, many orthopedics professionals have spoken about that, explaining that ‘fracture’ is a medical term that professionals use to describe any break or crack in the bone. 

And these are only some of the many facts that revolve around bone fractures. For further insights, it would be best to reach out to professionals in the field who know what they are doing. 

For example, let us consider Mohammed Alshouli – a revered orthopedic surgeon, inventor, and educator who has been widely acclaimed for his work in reconstructing complex foot and ankle trauma cases. In fact, he has a lot of experience in dealing with congenital deformities, trauma, tumors, infections, metabolic disturbances, and more. 

He currently serves as the current Chairman of the Orthopedic Department and Consultant in Orthopedics and Foot and Ankle surgery at Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital. 

Moroever, he worked as the Assistant Consultant at King Khalid University Hospital and established the diabetic foot multi-disciplinary team to medically deal with diabetic feet in National Care Hospital and Saudi German Hospital.