Bongs and bubblers: Quality and types

Whether you’ve smoked before or not, you can discover that many bongs and bubblers can be rather distinctive and unusual. And while they serve remarkably similar purposes, these glass pipes differ greatly. Seasoned smokers use these water pipes to enhance the smoking experience. This article will discuss some key distinctions between bongs and bubblers.

Bong and its types

A bong can be described in a variety of ways. Still, the overly simplistic definition can be that it is a significantly bigger inhaling pipe that filter and cools your doses through the use of water. A bong, which is excellent for smoking at home, is often larger and more durable than a bubbler. Because of the wide base, you may place it on the coffee table without worrying about spills.

Every bong contains certain essential components that make it a bong: a bowl, a base chamber filled with water, a down stem, a percolator, a neck, and a halt. It is a glass cylinder pipe with a stem in its most basic form. A distinctive smoking experience is produced by combining the bong’s size and shape, the number of percolators, and the variety of their designs. Generally, a glass water bong is perfect for those who prefer to relax at home or after a long day at work. The bong is ideal if you frequently smoke or want a strong smoking experience.

What can you derive from the term bubbler?

A bubbler is a smoking apparatus (very similar to a bong), as the name suggests, that uses water to create bubbles and filter the smoke. A bubbler can be larger than a dry hand pipe but considerably smaller than a bong, also called bubble bongs. It is designed to fit more securely in your hand as you smoke, be easier to handle, store in tighter spaces, and be more portable than bongs. Beginner smokers or those seeking a more covert, flexible smoking experience seem to favour bubblers more than other smoking devices. There are countless styles and designs. Some designs, such as our initial scientific hammer, sherlock, and double chamber bubblers, have grown so commonplace in the smoking industry that they are now considered standards.

How bubble bongs are different in comparison to bongs

Compared to larger, thicker, and heavier bongs available in markets, bubble bongs often have a more compact and cute shape and size, which are simpler to operate with just one hand. The smoke is highly compressed because of its tiny size, which will also improve the flavour of your dose. On the other hand, glass bongs are available in a wide range of sizes and can be as tall as six feet. The size of the bong will determine how much water it can contain, how much of a hit it will give you, and how many smoking accessories it will sustain, such as catchers.