Chiropractic Care For Mothers

Becoming a mother is a significant life shift that has several advantages. However, the route there can be challenging and even unpleasant at times. Weight is being added to your uterus while your child develops inside you, which can create an aching back that makes even walking difficult.

To address this, many pregnant women must seek assistance from both physical therapists and chiropractors. Both sorts of specialists can give immediate relief while also providing sympathetic treatment. Foundation Chiropractic understands that moms require treatment at all phases, not just during the nine-month duration.

Getting treatment before, during, and after pregnancy can benefit both you and your baby’s lives. As you read, you will see how corrective work from a chiropractor may benefit you and your baby’s future health.

Prior to Pregnancy

There are several old wives’ stories about how to become pregnant. It takes time for not everyone to be highly fruitful. In reality, nearly 6 million women in the United States alone are having difficulty becoming or becoming pregnant. Although there are several reasons for this possibility, one concern for individuals is the functioning of their bodies.

If your health isn’t at its peak, normal activities like ovulation might become more irregular. This, in turn, will jeopardize your chances of becoming pregnant. Aside from food and exercise habits, it would be best if you also considered your body’s alignment.

Chiropractors can assist you by realigning your spine. When your spine is in the appropriate posture, your nervous system function improves and your reproductive health and hormones are balanced.

A chiropractor may assist address both male and female pelvic imbalances, which can lead to infertility. Even though it only assists a tiny percentage of fertility problems, chiropractic treatment might be a smart and safe option in the endeavor.

Throughout Pregnancy

As previously said, pregnancy profoundly alters your physique. You’ll gain weight, swell, and have something heavy hanging off your front. Back discomfort and pinched nerves are frequent complaints among pregnant women. Sciatica, which begins in the lower back and can spread to the legs and knees, is one of these issues.

Although sciatica is sometimes mild, harder or heavier pregnancies can make the discomfort excruciating. If not treated quickly and correctly, it might result in lasting physical problems or damage.

Chiropractors, such as those at Foundation Chiropractic, have received special training in dealing with this issue. They will correct any discs that may have moved out of place as a result of the pregnancy via spinal manipulation. As a result, you will feel relieved and maybe even energetic. Remember that moving about is frequently advised when pregnant.

Chiropractors can also make your body safer for your child. Balancing your pelvic bones can assist the fetus in moving and growing more freely. Premature labor, infections, and stillbirths are all reduced as a result. A pelvic balance also provides additional comfort when you are giving delivery.


While your first thoughts after having a baby are likely to be on your child’s needs, this does not mean you should overlook the significance of your own care. When you are done giving birth, your body still has a lot of wear and tear, which can lead to greater difficulties if not treated.

Because your body softens during pregnancy as a result of a hormone called relaxin, the effects might last. Because of this weakened state, performing things that were formerly routine might produce discomfort or injury more quickly. Shifted bones, persistent back aches, and a more arched posture are all common post-pregnancy issues.

Chiropractors can help you cure these problems while also strengthening your body. They will increase your mobility while straightening out any curvatures or changes. This makes it easier for you to get more active and stay active so that you may regain muscle tone. They may even recommend that you consult a physical therapist for pelvic floor exercises for increased treatment.

Assisting Your Child

When you think about chiropractors, you might imagine terrible bone and spine-breaking sounds. The thought of chiropractors working on newborns may sound preposterous and hazardous, yet it is both safe and beneficial.

Some newborns are born with spinal or pelvic abnormalities. While generally insignificant, a lack of care might develop into problems such as scoliosis as they grow. In fact, according to several research studies, chiropractors reduce the danger of 9 out of 10 infant patients. A neonatal chiropractor may readily move these flaws into a proper posture because not all of their bones are fully grown and are still moldable.

Along with its long-term benefits, early chiropractic therapy can support major developmental milestones in your child’s life, such as walking and crawling. Though it is still uncommon, the number of neonates and infants visiting chiropractors is constantly increasing.

Choosing the Best Clinic For Your Needs

To reap the full benefits of pregnancy-related chiropractic therapy, you must visit a practice that specializes in the treatment. Foundation Chiropractic has made it a priority to assist moms at all phases of their journey. Your quality of life, as well as the life of your kid, is determined by how your body moves and functions.

Foundation Chiropractic understands how intrusive pregnancy may be. Therefore they take a more holistic approach to treating your issues. Instead of using your hands, doctors utilize a specialized instrument on your spine with the torque release technique (TRT).

The gadget, known as an integrator, adjusts your vertebrae. When appropriately adjusted, this will enhance the equilibrium of your neurological system, spinal cord, and brain. Worries of heavy popping and cracking are gone, and you will feel completely at peace during your consultation.

Foundation Chiropractic wants to treat your entire body when they treat you. This is due to the fact that pregnancy alters more than just your physical self. Because your mental health is significantly influenced, enhancing your brain function will result in a happier and more stable mood when coping with the stresses of parenthood.

It makes no difference if you are attempting to conceive or if you already have a kid; your body’s well-being should be at peak efficiency. Put your faith in Foundation Chiropractic to guarantee that the procedure is peaceful and handled by a compassionate team. Click here to discover more about their TRT strategy and how it may assist you with your pregnancy plans.