Completing Residential Rehab: Your Next Steps in Recovery

Substance abuse rehabilitation is a long and difficult process that takes dedication from both the individual and their loved ones. There are times throughout the journey that are going to feel scary, but the end results make it all worth it. After going through a detox and an inpatient or residential program, individuals will still need to receive some care in order to stay on track to sobriety.

Typically, the best option an individual can consider is going to a partial or full-outpatient program. This allows them to return to their typical life while having a care team help them stay accountable. At Inner Voyage Recovery, there are three types of outpatient programs that you can be a part of. While each offers different levels of therapy, they each have the same end goal of leading you to success.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Even though you have graduated from needing to be monitored 24/7, it does not mean you feel fully prepared to be without structure or attention. Taking a lot of the same tools used in an inpatient rehab program, PHP has individuals coming in for therapy and medical sessions multiple times a week. This can last for a few hours at the start of the day, so it only puts a minor hindrance in your daily activities.

Most people who receive PHP are still struggling to adjust to returning to a regular routine or might still show behaviors that could lead them back to using substances if left without close monitoring. However, their symptoms are not bad enough for them to need to be away from home or a sober living facility.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This is the middle ground of the three programs from Inner Voyage Recovery Center. The main difference between IOP and PHP is that those going through IOP require less commitment and scheduling. Individuals in PHP could be at the recovery center for roughly eight hours a day, while IOP may need them to be there for 3-6 hours.

While patients in IOP are typically more adjusted, they still need some structure in their lives before they feel comfortable. As they go through the program, the individual may see the number of sessions they attend lowered, and they could gradually end up going into a complete outpatient program.

Outpatient Program (OP)

This is the best option for those who have gone through all of the necessary steps in treatment and show little to no signs of relapsing. They may only be attending therapy once or twice a week for therapy. In many cases, these appointments cover the mental health aspect of their disorder or act as a source of motivation to remind them that they are progressing and doing a great job.

Very few people immediately go to OP rehab after completing residential, and it may also take a few trips through rehabilitation before someone is considered ready for this option.

Which Program Is Right for You?

You don’t know which of the three programs suits your current needs, and everything is fine with that. After performing an evaluation on you, Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s team will be able to help guide you in the correct direction.

When going through any of their rehab programs, you will be met with encouragement and a personalized strategy that is guaranteed to help you better understand your substance abuse and what got you into using it in the first place. Along with their programs, the team will also test you for a dual diagnosis, as mental health issues can play a key role in drug use.

All programs feature a variety of therapies in both individual and group settings. You may go through cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, and holistic therapy. Inner Voyage Recovery Center can also prescribe you medication that can help alleviate any wandering withdrawal symptoms that you still have.

Everyone can and deserves to recover. It just takes the right team and the right practices to do so. No matter which outpatient program best suits you, you will be able to find a sense of worth that will make healing into a more sober you possible. As soon as you are ready to start, Inner Voyage Recovery Center is prepared to help.