Dental Crowns vs. Implants- All the Major Differences!

Dental crowns are caps placed over the teeth’ top portion. On the other hand, dental implants are used by implant dentist in Winnipeg for the replacement of the whole tooth. A titanium post is used for the replacement of the tooth’s root. The crown is placed on the top part along with metal knobs known as abutments. The abutments are responsible for joining them.

A lot of people experience confusion between dental implants and dental crowns. Dental implants also involve the placement of crowns. This is the prime cause why people have trouble distinguishing between the two procedures. The difference is that the implant crown is attached to the post and abutment, while dental crowns are placed on the natural teeth. Despite the similarities, they are utilized for correcting different dental issues. 


Usually, crowns are used in cases where the tooth has decayed so much that filling is impossible as it would require a ceiling of the entire tooth portion. Dental crowns are placed after cleaning all the decayed matter from the cavities. The crown acts as a seal to prevent any damage to the teeth. 

It is also utilized in instances where bacteria buildup occurs inside the tooth center near the pulp chamber. Root canals are used to fix such issues by drilling inside the roots to clean the infection inside the tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. The hole is sealed with the crown on top of the tooth. 

Dental health providers also use crowns to restore teeth chipping or cracking. It is essential that the patient has enough space and stand in the boot for the placement of the dental crown. It is not applicable in cases where the tooth has experienced too much damage. 

Dental Implants

Loss of teeth results in a lack of confidence and self-esteem as well as issues in doing regular tasks like eating food and talking. Patients widely prefer dental implants due to their natural appearance. The procedure of Getting a dental implant includes surgery. A whole is drilled inside the jawbone, where the tooth is lost. It is further consolidated by the placement of titanium poles and abutments. The final step in getting dental implants involves the placement of a crown at the top of the teeth. It is placed after the jawbone here to a certain extent. Many patients are required to get bone grafts due to issues in fusing the bone with titanium posts. 

Getting dental implants is a type of surgical process. The patients are required to switch certain criteria before considering the procedure. The bone must have sufficient strength for handling the process of drilling and holding the titanium post.