Dental Emergencies With Children

Children are often careless with their oral health. Thus, their parents must make sure to take care of their oral health. Likewise, if you are a parent, you must be aware that your children can have dental emergencies when they are less expected. 

However, in South Denver, CO, where many dental caretakers can help you understand different types of dental emergencies that cause your children pain. Therefore, as a resident of South Denver, CO, you must consider seeking help from a South Denver, CO dentist and gain every ounce of knowledge regarding children’s dental emergencies.

List of dental emergencies with children:

  • Knocked-out tooth.

As you know, children are pretty irresponsible not only with their dental health but also with their overall well-being. Thus, there is a high chance that your child gets a knocked-out tooth while playing or running. As a parent, you must stay calm and not react hesitantly since this will impact your child. 

Hold the knocked-out tooth in your hand and try to put it back if possible, and if it is not, consider taking your child to your dentist immediately and save the broken tooth in a container filled with milk or saliva.

  • Toothaches.

Toothaches are one of the most common dental emergencies that children have to face. Thus, if your child has a toothache, you must make sure that you take a bowl of warm water, rinse it with salt, and make sure your child rinses his/her teeth. If the salt water is not effective, consider flossing your child’s teeth and make sure to remove all the food crumbs. If the pain is severe, consider seeking dental help.

  • Dental abscess.

Sometimes, your child has to face dental abscess. A dental abscess is a kind of dental infection where the victim feels immeasurable pain in his/her teeth. The most common symptoms of dental abscess are swollen gums, intense toothaches, and sometimes fever. Hence, if you think that your child has a dental abscess, consider taking your child to your dental caretaker immediately.

  • Chipped tooth.

If your child runs into a wall or falls on the ground and ends up breaking his tooth, you must preserve the broken tooth in saliva or milk; if there is bleeding, consider taking a gauze and apply o the bleeding area. In addition, if your child has a broken tooth, consider making an appointment with your dentist.

Preventions to take:

As you are aware, unfortunate events can happen at times. Therefore, you must make sure to instruct your child to follow his/her dental care routine and wear safety guard equipment when participating in a game or sports. This can avoid many casualties and accidents. 

Seek professional guidance today!

If your child is going through some severe dental emergencies, consider making an urgent appointment with your dental caretaker.