Explore Health And Wellness Tips With Zea

We know that feeling stuck in your life or out of sync with where you want to be can take time and effort. We hope Zea is there for you when you feel like things are falling apart! We spend our days studying wellness and creativity, researching how the two interact to bring about positive change. We’ve compiled a list of 10 favourite products that will help boost your health and creativity.

1. Kunzea-pain-relief-cream-value-pack

Kunai has been called the “wonder bush”, – and it’s easy to see why! First discovered and recorded by Europeans in 1793, it is a shrub that naturally produces analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents that can help combat various conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and poor circulation.

If you’re having pain from an injury or anything else, Kunai is an excellent natural remedy!

2. gumtree-heal-hands-hand-soap

The gum tree has incredible detoxifying qualities that boost your health during the winter when you’re cooped up. The powerful essential oils in this hand soap will help detoxify your body and eliminate harmful bacteria.

3. honey-gum-frankincense-sleep-wellness

Gum tree helps you feel better when you’re having trouble falling asleep, but it doesn’t stop there! By using this sleep wellness oil, your body will absorb the oils faster and get the sleep it needs more quickly!

4. coconut-honey-anti-ageing-body-lotion

Kunzea also has exceptional anti-ageing properties to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Another great thing about Kunzea? It’s easy to grow right in your garden!

5. gumtree-heal-hands beauty-soap

The gum tree is another one of those herbs that help with circulation and also have excellent anti-wrinkle properties. It also helps boost your natural immune system, which can be crucial when sick or under the weather!

6. coconut-honey-anti-aging body lotion

Did you know that most anti-ageing products on the market don’t work? That’s right. It sounds pretty shocking, but it’s true. Coconut oil is one of the only things that do work to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even rejuvenate your skin!

7. puritan-soap-nourish and protect

Another great cleaner that we recommend is Puritan’s Nourish and Protect soap! Not only will this soap help with your cleaning regime, but it will help detoxify your body as well.

8. coconut-honey body lotion

Your body doesn’t only need to be clean when you’re sick or under the weather – it also needs to be nourished well. Coconut oil helps your skin rejuvenate its youthful look and feel! Coconut oil works great on all skin types – even sensitive skin.

9. raffle-medicinal-natural-body-care

Raffu has exceptional anti-ageing properties and is also a natural source of vitamin E! Not only will the vitamin E in this body lotion help your skin rejuvenate, but it is an excellent source of antioxidants that can boost your immune system and overall health!


Exploring the world of wellness and creativity can be a very inspiring process that helps you to recharge your batteries by learning new techniques and methods that you can use to improve your own life and share with others at Zea.