You cannot know the importance of a complete set of teeth until you lose some. People with missing teeth are not confident when smiling, and others cannot eat hard foods. If you have a missing tooth or plan to visit a dentist for tooth extraction, you are the best candidate for dentures to restore your smile. Bellevue dentures have become effective and comfortable without causing much discomfort. The dental specialists at EZ Dental Clinic offer full and partial dentures to ensure they help improve your smile and eating habits. Here is more information you need to know about dentures before booking an appointment.

Dentures Take a Short Time to Get Used To

Dentures depend on whether it is for a couple of teeth or a complete set of teeth. Getting used depends on the number of teeth. A few missing teeth will take a short period to get used to. However, if you have a complete denture, you will have to care for it for some time before you get used. You must be patient to allow your dentures to settle on your gum and you will be good to go.

Go Easy on Your Choice of Food

During any dental work, your gum is weak, which goes for the case of dentures. You have to give your gum ample time to harden. During this time, you should choose soft foods that are easy to chew and reduce friction in the mouth. They will help the gum heal until the dentures are ready.

Dentures Can’t Feel the Temperature

A nerve on the core of the teeth signals the brain when a substance is too hot or cold. The nerves will sense when you have tooth decay, thereby experiencing a toothache. However, dentures lack the signal receptors and cannot tell whether food is too hot or too cold.

Nobody Notices You Are Wearing Dentures

Dentures are customized just for you, and they are identical to your natural teeth. They make you look natural without anyone noticing. They fit correctly on your jaws and blend with your remaining teeth, giving you a good look and brightening your smile.

Denture Wearers Can Eat Normally

Dentures allow you to enjoy the foods you love without struggle. Dentures are effective when chewing, just like other natural teeth and when well fitted, do not limit you to eating anything you desire. They help improve your digestion and nutrition since you are not limited to foods unless diet restrictions.

There are times when you feel you need dentures to fill the gap. Unlike traditional dentures that made people hesitant, today’s dentures resemble your natural teeth, giving you a natural look. The misconception that dentures are suitable for older people is long gone since anyone can wear dentures and remain comfortable. If you have a missing tooth or are looking to have a tooth extraction, you are the ideal candidate for tooth dentures at EZ Dental Clinic. Improve your smile and confidence while enjoying meals of your choice by wearing dentures. You can start by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.