12 Essential Foot Care Tips for Diabetes Patients

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Even a small cut on the feet of a Diabetes patient can result in a serious complication.

Diabetes attacks the feet by damaging the nerves and blood vessels. Weak nerves as a result decrease the sense of sensation in the feet. Because such patients do not realize when a foreign object comes in contact with their feet, this could result in a blister, sore, or a serious infection. 

Let’s dive in and learn some tips and suggestions that can help you to Prevent Diabetes Complications. 

  1. You should inspect your feet to lookout for any type of cut, blisters, and swelling. 
  2. Bathe your feet in lukewarm water but never in hot water as hot water may cause burns which are difficult to heal afterward.
  3. Dry your feet after washing them with water. You can use a soft cotton cloth or a sponge to wipe off your feet. Do not forget to dry the area between your toes.
  4. Keep the skin of your feet moisturized to prevent it from cracking. But remember do not apply moisturizer in between the toes because moisture in this area can lead to a fungal infection.
  5. Do not forget to inspect your nails. File the corners of the nails and keep them short. It is a good idea to visit a health care provider in case you find an ingrown nail.
  6. It is not advised to self treat your corns or calluses. You should rather visit a dermatologist or a podiatrist.
  7. Always wear dry socks on the dry skin of your feet. It is a good idea to consider specialized socks for diabetic patients. Such socks come with extra cushioning and absorbent material.
  8. If your feet get cold at night then you should go to bed with your socks on. It’s a bad idea to use a hot water bottle or a heating pad in the bed.
  9. Always inspect your shoes before wearing them. You may find some pebbles or any other foreign object that could be injurious for the health of your feet.
  10. If your feet are prone to excessive sweating then it is advised to use an antiperspirant. It will prevent your feet from excessive sweating and fungal infections.
  11. Diabetic patients should never walk barefoot, not even at home. Even a small scar can convert into a big infection.
  12. A diabetic patient should never indulge in smoking. Smoking adversely affects blood vessels of the limbs which as a result decreases peripheral blood circulation.

Stay in touch with your diabetologist and podiatrist for new updates regarding your Diabetes care Program. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly and keep them under control. Never miss a scheduled visit to your diabetes care center.

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