Rejuran is a popular treatment in Singapore. It is mainly appreciated because of how fast it delivers results.

You will only need between 4 and 6 weeks to notice the changes after getting your Rejuran in Singapore for damaged skin. Note that this will mainly vary depending on the skin condition that’s troubling you.

Now, Rejuran really doesn’t have a fixed price. But then, it isn’t as costly cosmetic treatments that may offer similar results but require surgery like a surgical facelift.

Nonetheless, it is prudent that your aesthetic doctor gives you a breakdown of all the costs involved since Rejuran is classified as a cosmetic treatment. Therefore, Medisave won’t cover the costs for you. 

Just like other cosmetic treatments in Singapore, the factors that will influence the price you will pay for your Rejuran treatment will depend on your cosmetologist’s skills. Therefore, you must be keen to search for an aesthetic doctor for Rejuran in Singapore and only work with an experienced and skilled provider. 

Other factors that may also be in play here are the techniques and severity of skin imperfection you’re trying to get rid of. On the baseline, you can expect the cost of Rejuran in Singapore to range between $600 and $1400 for each session. 

Your provider will explain the areas Rejuran can heal and the level of enhancement you can expect. Real quick, the areas that can be improved with Rejuran include; the neck wrinkles, facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, wrinkles that form around the mouth, hand wrinkles, and the décolletage. 

With these in mind, Rejuran may be of massive benefit to you if you’re looking for improved skin firmness with a fair complexion, and improved skin elasticity, etc.  Here is a roundup of the beneficial effects you can expect after Rejuran in Singapore.

  • Improved Skin Elasticity: Rejuran works by replenishing the elastic fiber the human body loses as a result of aging to give you uniform and younger-looking skin.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Rejuran activates your skin’s regenerative ability. This way, it promotes healing from deep within the tissues.
  • Better Skin Balance: Rejuran effectively reduces sebum secretion to ensure a better balance between moisture and sebum on your skin to enhance your skin’s quality.

How often can you do Rejuran?

It is important to acknowledge that Rejuran isn’t a permanent solution to skin imperfections you’re trying to get rid of. Therefore, there are a few essential things that your aesthetic doctor will want you to observe to maintain the results.

Getting repeat treatments after Rejuran in Singapore is just one of the essential things you will need to observe to maintain Rejuran best results. After completing all your Rejuran sessions in the first treatment, you can choose to do Rejuran once every 6 to 9 months.

This will ensure that the results from this treatment are not only fulfilling but also sustainable and long-lasting. Other than the repeat treatments after Rejuran in Singapore, there are a few more basics your aesthetic doctor would want you to observe to make your treatment more full-filling and long-lasting.

For instance, they may recommend a special skincare regimen to protect your skin from damages that may affect its quality. You may also need to limit your sun exposure and, most importantly, use sunblock every time you walk into the sun to prevent sun damage.

Will anyone know that I had Plastic Surgery after Rejuran?

Rejuran is non-surgical, so you will not need hospitalization after Rejuran in Singapore. You will get the treatment and get back to your day-to-day activity, so it really won’t be easy for someone to know that you did a Rejuran unless you disclose this to them.

Besides, the results from Rejuran are uniform, so; it won’t leave you with an irregular appearance if it’s done correctly. Now, you may be wondering about the most immediate side effects, such as the several little bumps and redness that may appear on your face after Rejuran in Singapore.

Now, you shouldn’t wear makeup to cover these several small bumps on your face. It would also help if you do not scratch them.

Most people find these mild effects bearable. Each patient is unique, though; therefore, if they do not give you peace of mind, a surgical mask is a good option you can use to try and cover them up.

Large sunglasses and a big floppy hat would also make these marks less noticeable if you really want to conceal them. These effects will only last for 24 to 48 hours, so you can expect them to subside soon after the treatment.

Drinking after Rejuran

Drinking alcohol or smoking after Rejuran is discouraged. Ideally, if you’ve made up your mind to get Rejuran in Singapore, you should be willing to discontinue alcohol for at least a couple of days before your treatment and after the treatment.

Alcohol may increase your risks of bruising after Rejuran, a side effect you really do not want to observe after treatment. Besides alcohol, smoking is also strongly discouraged because of how it affects your healing process. Therefore, you should also be willing to discontinue smoking for some time if you are truly serious about getting Rejuran in Singapore.

Another less popular aftercare recommendation that your aesthetic doctor may give is avoiding caffeinated products for some time after Rejuran. Therefore, if you are an avid coffee drinker, you may want to avoid it for a few days after your treatment.

Studies show that caffeine may slow down your healing, so it may be worth avoiding coffee for a few days after the treatment. The other things that your aesthetic doctor may want you to avoid at least for some time after Rejuran include rigorous exercises and using medications or supplements with blood-thinning properties as they may also exacerbate your bruising risks.

You should also avoid entering places with high temperatures like saunas, as they may impact the results of your treatment. If you are not sure about anything you may need to avoid, be sure to seek clarification from your plastic surgeon.

Take Away

Rejuran isn’t costly but it comes with powerful benefits you can enjoy if you will be keen to follow your cosmetologist’s guidelines. Contact us to learn more about Rejuran in Singapore and schedule a consultation if you like it.

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