How Oxygen Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients


After a stroke, the patient and their family can seem helpless when it comes to the next steps. Oxygen therapy for stroke patients can provide some hope for people. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done with this, but so far there have been some exceptionally positive results when stroke therapy is used on patients. By reading on, you can get a better idea of what this treatment is and how it can help stroke patients better recover after their stroke.

Why Does Oxygen Therapy Work for Stroke Patients?

Oxygen therapy is a treatment option where a patient will breathe in pure oxygen while they are inside of a highly specialized pressurized chamber. There are still studies going on to show just how effective this treatment option can be for stroke patients. So far, there is evidence that it can improve some issues associated with having a stroke like memory problems and reduced comprehension. 

But why does HBOT work? The theory is that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can significantly increase the supply of oxygen, allowing the brain to better repair the areas that were damaged by a stroke. This can reduce the swelling in the brain after a stroke and protecting the brain cells, which can reduce the severity of irreversible brain damage. This leads to better outcomes.

How Does HBOT Help with Stroke Recovery?

As previously described, HBOT can significantly increase the oxygen in your body. HBOT has long been used as treatments for other issues, but recently it has been noticed to make positive improvements to stroke patients. The increased oxygen can improve the oxygen levels in your plasma and red blood cells, which helps with the blood flow to the brain. As more blood is flowing to the brain, there are more nutrients there that can give the brain the nourishment that it needs to recover from the stroke. 

One of the biggest issues that have been found with treating stroke patients is that finding ways to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the damaged areas of the brain. It turns out, that oxygen therapy helps to solve this issue. Through oxygen therapy, the patients are able to focus on how they can train their body to adapt in order to overcome these challenges. 

It’s important to know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, while it is a great tool, is not a cure. However, it can be used as part of an overall treatment plan. It can help give a necessary boost to your other treatment protocols, ensuring that you get the best results possible for your stroke recovery.


You can use hyperbaric stroke therapy as part of an overall treatment plan to increase your chances of recovery. While nothing is a miracle approach, you may find that you get better results from your treatment plan. This can be an option worth discussing with your doctor and seeing if you can get this as part of your stroke treatment plan.