How to Legally Buy Weed Online 


Instead of taking weed from a drug dealer in a dark alley, many consumers prefer buying weed online ever since it has become legalized in many states. Walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming for newbies struggling to tell what they want. Fortunately, it is possible to safely and legally buy weed through the internet. 

What would be more convenient than having the weed delivered right to your doorstep? Also, online weed stores have a wide variety of strains available, compare prices, and order the one you want from the comfort of your home.

How to Legally Buy Weed Online 

Many people find it difficult to distinguish legitimate buy online weed stores from shady and illegal ones. People living in remote areas have no access to cannabis stores, the only option they are left with is to buy pot online. 

Even though buying weed is legalized in most states, still, many weed-legal states have put restrictions on buying cannabis online or having it delivered directly to the consumer through a delivery service. Check local laws and regulations to confirm if statewide weed delivery is allowed.

If allowed, search online and locate the nearest licensed cannabis and delivery service to order legal weed.

How to Distinguish Legal Weed Store From an Illegal One?

Not many consumers know that cannabis remain illegal on a federal level. Consumers have to find a legally grey area to order weed online even if they live in a weed-legal state. If the person chose to ignore the rules related to cannabis delivery, they will be guilty of committing a federal crime.

A consumer should be aware of the following rules, any delivery services offering services in compliance with the rules are operating legally.

  • It is not legal to carry cannabis across state lines or bring it on an airplane to the United States 
  • Sending weed via mail is also illegal 
  • The store or dispensary must have a state-issued license to sell weed.

Before purchasing weed online, contact the retailer to inquire about the license and other information.

Warning Signs That The Weed Store Operating Illegally 

Anyone new to the cannabis world or unfamiliar with the state laws may find it hard to tell apart a legal store from an illegal one. Know specific warning signs to check whether or not you are buying weed from an illegal store.

  • Nationwide Delivery – Cannabis is still illegal in many states, therefore, stores offering nationwide delivery are operating illegally. Besides, not all dispensaries have a license to buy and sell cannabis in all weed-legal states. It is not easy to get a license and only a limited number of licenses are issued by the state.
  • Mail Service – It is illegal to send weed through mail as per federal laws. The consumer may get in trouble with law enforcement if the online store ships weed through mail service.
  • Inaccurate Pricing – It is tempting to buy weed at a lower price, however, only retailers running illegal stores offer lower prices than the licensed cannabis dealers.