No one thinks of an injury in their minds when practicing their sports profession or their routine workout activities. The truth is we cannot avoid injuries, nor can we stop participating in sports activities. Life is all about taking risks, and participating in sports when you know there is a possibility of an accident is one of them. You needn’t worry when an injury occurs; Glen Rock sports medicine will help you get back on track in no time. Learn more about sports medicine below.

What is sports medicine?

It is an area in medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of physical activities, related injuries. In addition, it also focuses on restoring the functions of the injured parts. Unlike what you may presume, it is limited to sports injuries instead; it’s more than that.

What injuries does sports medicine address?

Sports medicine provides treatment for various body injuries, including:

·         Elbow strain

·         Bursitis

·         MCL tear

·         Labral tear

·         Tendonitis

·         ACL tear

·         Torn meniscus

·         Rotator cuff tear

·         Golfer’s or tennis elbow

·         Ankle sprain

·         Hip flexor strain

·         Snapping hip

·         Achilles tendonitis

·         Plantar fasciitis

The Progressive Spine and Sports team focuses on using conservative treatments to restore your health rather than surgery. They are more than confident to help you achieve recovery from any sports injury.

Diagnosis of sports injury

Your treatment at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine starts with a thorough diagnosis. Your provider performs a comprehensive physical examination to evaluate your injuries better.

He goes ahead to ask about your symptoms and how they feel. He may request further tests to rule out your diagnosis. He may order some of the difficulties are X-rays, nerve testing, and musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Treatment for sports injuries?

After getting the diagnosis results, your provider designs an accurate treatment plan to provide the best outcomes. Some of the treatments options for sports injuries include:

·         Regenerative medicine using stem cell therapy

·         Massage therapy

·         Osteopathic manipulation

·         Physical therapy

·         Joint injections

·          Acupuncture

·         Interventional spine procedures

What does physical therapy involve?

Your physical therapist works with you to enhance quick recovery and lower your risk of recurrent injuries.

Your therapist at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine collaborates with your doctor to develop a rehabilitation program that will give the best results.

What does osteopathic manipulation mean in sports medicine?

Osteopathic manipulation is a treatment approach that aims at treating your whole body instead of the symptoms alone. The techniques involve your muscles and ligaments in relieving pain. It also includes:

·         Myofascial release to reduce tightness and restriction

·         Strain-counterstrain, which helps relieve muscle pain while enhancing your movement

·         Muscle energy, improve joint mobility

Do not let a sports injury prevent you from playing your favorite sport or achieving your physical fitness goal. Sports medicine has the treatments ready to enhance recovery and prevent future injuries. The techniques also help restore the function of your injured parts while promoting your overall wellness. Have no fear of participating in sports or physical activities. Consult Progressive Spine & Sports today to live your best sports and physical life.