In an era where everyone’s on the go and hustling super hard, it can sometimes be a challenge to practice self care. Many times we don’t even make the best decisions when choosing nutrition for our bodies. Although with the rise of delivery apps like “Vegan Protein” and “Door Dash” meal options can be endless. A lot  of our meals are normally chosen out of convenience or price. Most times ultimately leading to unhealthy meal choices. What if you could add something to your diet, that was not only delicious but actually great for your body. Would you take the first step to upgrading your mind, body and soul?

Launched in July 2021 by YS Mckenzie, Good for Life recognizes how important healthy habits are for a revitalizing lifestyle and vows to help you along the way. Passionately developed after a memorable trip to L.A, where she also delivered a care package to a super appreciative friend who stated he would now be Good For Life. All Good For Life products are packed with supplements and proteins that consistently keep you feeling energized, focused and empowered throughout the day. No more feeling sluggish before it even hits lunch time.

Good For Life’s protein powder will help boost your metabolism while reducing your appetite to manage weight control. Good For Life’s liver wash and gallbladder flush helps to detoxify the body for weight loss while helping maintain healthy skin and hair. Looking to achieve that fresh out of the gym stomach, glowing skin and healthy hair again without the use of harsh products that aren’t great for your body in the long run? It’s time to take the first step of change and add  Good For Life To your diet.