Keeping an Early Eye on Your Heart Health

Heart disease has almost always been listed as the primary cause of death, yet many still neglect to take the proper steps to avoid an issue. Generally, people wait until problems occur before they change their lifestyle. Taking responsibility early on can lower your chances of a heart attack or stroke and make your life more fulfilling in general.

No matter how healthy you feel, there is always room to keep improving. This guide can act as a great initial step in preparing for your future if you do not know where to start. While performing any change, make sure you are also speaking to a professional- whether it be in person or a virtual consultation with a cardiologist from SmartHeart.

Look Into Your Biology

Although a lot of people correlate heart disease with issues like obesity, that is not usually the case. Many, if not most, individuals with this ailment are predisposed due to genetics. Although this might mean you cannot avoid heart attacks or strokes, you can still be mindful of your likelihood by doing some research.

Take a look at your medical background or think about how many relatives have suffered from heart attacks. Some people have taken DNA tests to find out, while others may discuss the probability with their doctors.

Take ECG Tests

Also known as an EKG, electrocardiogram tests help individuals monitor the rhythm of their heartbeat. A lot of people suffer from arrhythmias that render the beat to be too fast or too slow. While some cases might be harmless, such as hormone changes, others could be a sign of blood clots. These tests are not only great for those who have a known heart issue but also for those who have a familial background of strokes.

ECG tests are performed by wearing patches on different parts of your body, which are then connected to an ECG machine. It reads your heart rate while you sit or lie down. Though setting up can take time, the test itself is only a few minutes. Results can take up to three days to get back to you.

Edit Your Lifestyle

After finding out what your heart is like currently, you might be ready to make some personal renovations. The choices you make are whatever is most comfortable for you. If you find it hard to go upstairs without needing a break, maybe you start exercising more. Perhaps you have a small blood clot in your heart. A healthier diet might be more important to you.

While talking to a cardiologist, you can also ask about relaxation methods to take up, as stress is often a key player for individuals who appear fit to suffer from a stroke or heart attack. This could include breath training or meditation.

The SmartHeart Pro Can Do It All

Even though you might enjoy the freedom of taking your heart health into your own hands, you will still need to work with professionals in the medical field to ensure you are as safe as can be. Even if you don’t always have time to make appointments with your PCP, you can still get expert assistance from a cardiologist, thanks to SmartHeart.

FDA-approved, their SmartHeart Pro ECG gadget will help you track your heart rate by performing monthly or quarterly tests based on your membership. You are able to attach the machine from the comfort of your home and get results in just 30 minutes! One of the experienced cardiologists who are contracted through the app will then go over the results with you.

Not only are you more aware of your health, but you can get some professional tips on how to stay on the right track. Even better, because you get results in less than an hour, you are able to detect a possible heart ailment around the time it is taking place. This could be the time you need to stop a heart attack from being massive or deadly. You can check the SmartHealth website now to learn more about all of the functions the monitor offers.

The health of your heart should remain a top priority for you throughout your life. Do what you can to detect underlying issues now and experience life more enjoyable than ever before. Even the smallest change can mean all the difference.