Health as well as mood can both be boosted through exercises and physical activities. A person growing old can be good for keeping the person things he mostly enjoy. Fun can be added to exercises if motivation is there, which is the key for bringing fun into physical activities. Ido Fishman details methods which can be mastered for keeping yourself motivated on to physical exercises and activities. 

Motivation Can Be Derived From 5 Techniques

A person can either spend the day doing nothing or engage in activities which can bring physical activeness. However, remaining physically active every day is the ultimate source of keeping your body healthy. But aging can become a huge hurdle when you think of doing some physical training cum-fitness training. With aging, it has been seen very often that exercises and activities become less engaging because people do not find fun in that. So making exercises fun is yet another aspect which is required for continuation and keeping up with fitness sessions. And for bringing in fun, motivation is the most important thing than any other. 

Here are some tips from Ido Fishman which guarantee fun in activities and keeps you motivated at the same time as well. 


Cycling has proven to be one of the most fun comprising physical activity. With the evolution of transportation, cycling has been ignored in the whole world. However, professional trainers as well as fitness seekers are very fond of cycling because they are achieving desired results. Cycling is one of the easiest way out there for living a healthy and long life. It also helps a person to avoid several diseases of serious nature. But cycling alone could be boring. So it is better to convince your family member or members to go on cycling with you. In this way, cycling can be made enjoyable and on the other hand health is boosted. 


Daily walk is something which is recommended for every person in the world. Advancement has however crept into walking as well and there are treadmill machines which have overcome walking. But people are slowly realizing that nature and interaction with weather and people is also important for better results. So people are going back to usual walking which is essential for health and fitness. But again walking alone could become burdensome therefore a person has to be creative to make it fun. 

For instance, going on a walk with friends or family members is quite a fun. Similarly, having a pet walk with you is also very enjoyable and keeps the motivation high. 

Try Making Friends Virtually 

In order to keep the motivation on a high level, it is advised to engage with social media. From there, virtual friends can be found to master physical activities and training for keep your health in best shape. For instance, video tutorials or video sessions of trainers can be watched for the betterment of your exercise techniques. Similarly, tutorials help understand people what and how exercises can be done and what needs to be avoided. In fact, it is learning which will keep you engaged and help you gain more motivation. Even emotional support can be drawn from virtual friends as well in case you have lost motivation or feeling disturbed. It is proven that activities are good for uplifting the mood. 

Avoid Breaking The Routine

Aging can force people to break their physical routines and it is quite often. However, routines shouldn’t be broken and instead alternatives should be sought to gain the momentum back. If you are facing difficulty in continuing the routine, then seeking help from friends and family members is crucial. Ask them to accompany you and help you out when you are feeling bored or finding the activity as difficult. Having your friends on your side, will help balancing the motivation. 

Recording Progress

Keeping the record of your training sessions and exercises is as crucial as anything else. Always reward yourself when you have achieved a certain goal so as to keep you engaged with the routine. In modern times, fitness bands are helping millions of people in maintaining their routines and record their progresses. One such band can be bought and the price does not cost too much, depending on the brand you choose. 


Exercises can be boring and therefore has the potential of eroding motivation as well. But seeking help from people you love is always a good option for keeping you engaged in your physical training routine. Nothing is more expensive than a person’s health.