NESTA Certified Personal Trainer Course

NESTA gives you quality education as well as support for you to gain the certification of a NESTA certified personal trainer. The major roles and responsibilities of a NESTA certified personal trainer are as follows-

  • To check the level of fitness, health, and the level of skills of clients for forming realistic goals
  • To instruct and demonstrate exercise techniques with motivation using proper biomechanics
  • To come up with a workout that is specially designed to match the goals of the client based on scientific principles
  • To address the scope of practice and highlight the NESTA code of ethics
  • To plan how to sell and market personal training services
  • Why do you need to go for the NESTA certified personal trainer course?

You can do the NESTA certified personal trainer course on a tight budget as it is affordable. This training covers a total of 4 years instead of 2 years. Students from all over the country can apply to this course.

When you start out on this course, you will learn how to operate social media, networking, marketing, and sales. Moreover, NCCA, the Gold Standard accredits this course. After registering, you will get unlimited access to all the training materials and enjoy lifetime support. Also, the course is online so you can participate in it without having the need to step out of your home.

  • How to build your market as a NESTA certified personal trainer?

If you start your business around fitness and use your knowledge as a NESTA certified personal trainer, people will come and contact you that will enable you to expand your base of clients. To keep your business running, NESTA will tell you how to make use of referrals to attract more clients. As a part of the NESTA certified personal trainer course, you will also learn some marketing secrets.


When you become a NESTA certified personal trainer, you get lifetime support. In addition, you are able to attract clients to your business and earn more money simply by knowing the secrets of marketing.