NowServing: Easy Access Healthcare

Ever try to look for a hospital or clinic offering some medical services for your health concern? Like, if you’re having eye problems, and you spend time going outside and looking for an opthalmologist in Manila to consult your eye. Or, if you’re having skin problems, you decide to check up with a dermatologist in Pasig because it is the only place you know that they provide dermatology. 

Going to hospitals or clinics to check up on your medical concern could be a hassle, especially if those places are far from your home.

Imagine the energy and time you spend in a long line together with some other patients so that you can consult yourself with a doctor. The patients sometimes struggle with these due to the lengthy process and services they implement.  

Nonetheless, because almost everything has gone digital, you can now set an appointment and consult your medical concern even at home. One of the healthcare applications that might help you to fill the healthcare needs you deserve is NowServing Philippines by Serious MD. 

Service Inclusions of NowServing

NowServing is there to provide you access to numerous medical services and can connect you to the best doctors you need. You can have an online consultation, locate some specific hospitals or clinics, request a medical certificate, and many other medical services that they can provide for their patients. 

Patients with different medical concerns also need specialized doctors to aid their health. Below are the top specialties of NowServing that people are looking for:

– Primary Care & General Medicine

– Pediatrics

– OB-GYN’s & Women’s Health

– Eye and Vision Doctor

– Skin and Dermatology

– Heart and Cardiology

– Lung, Chest, and Pulmonology 

– Ears, Nose, and Throat

– Kidney and Urine

Want to try NowServing?

With this digital service, you don’t need to go out and spend hours waiting in line for your medical appointment. All you have to do is sit tight, open your desktops or mobile phones, and choose the medical service you want. Want to know more about NowServing? Visit their webpage at this link for more information.