10 Facts You Need to Know about Peripheral Neuropathy, The Emerging American Epidemic

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Guest Post by Dr. Randall C. Labrum, Neuropathy Expert

If you have Peripheral Neuropathy, you know all of the devastating signs and symptoms: your toes, feet, and legs are constantly suffering from intense burning sensations, numbness or tingling, prickly pain, or a pervasive feeling of coldness in your lower legs.

You might even have foot sores because you never felt the stone in your shoe until it was too late.

Some of you will have essentially the same symptoms in your hands, fingers, and lower arms.

In the worst cases, all of your limbs might be equally affected, leaving you continually debilitated by your symptoms or suffering every day—just because these nerve-damaged body areas don’t function very well.

The causes of this disorder are many—from toxins in your system to diabetes—but the end result is often the same. 

If you’re lucky, your doctor will identify the problem correctly; if you’re luckier still, he or she will know the root of your problem. In rare cases, you might be offered a treatment that actually helps or reverses the problem altogether.

Because you might have Peripheral Neuropathy and have no idea what this means or what can be done for it, I’ve assembled some fast facts about peripheral neuropathy for you to look through.

These simple facts should help you decide if this is what you have and will hopefully point you toward a solution for this problem; it is a solution that I know from the experience actually works to correct it.


It is estimated that 20 million Americans have peripheral neuropathy but many experts (including me) know this estimate falls far short of the mark.

Peripheral Neuropathy is extremely common and is increasing in prevalence, partly because diabetes (the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy) is on the rise as well.

Fact 2:

Peripheral neuropathy is basically “nerve damage”, regardless of the cause. If your sensory nerves are affected, it will usually lead to the most common symptoms of pain and numbness that are worse the further you go down your arms and legs. If your motor nerves are affected, your leg and arm muscles will feel weak. The healthier the blood flow of “good blood” to your extremities, the better are your chances of allowing these nerves to heal. This is the basis of my Neuropathy Solution program.

Fact 3:

Peripheral neuropathy is something to be alarmed about. Its many causes include diabetes, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies, poor circulation, infections, autoimmune diseases, heredity, and toxins in your body. While doctors might be quick to throw drugs at you to block the pain, few have anything to offer you that might actually fix the issue so your nerves can heal.

Fact 4:

If peripheral neuropathy makes you feel desperate or despondent, you are not alone. Many sufferers are given few treatments that actually help or that don’t have a lot of side effects.  Some drugs used to treat peripheral neuropathy are the same ones that treat depression or seizures, which means that these drugs also go to your brain, leaving you feeling groggy or worse.

Fact 5:

Almost all people with neuropathy feel like the “unheard majority”. The problem is so common, yet even the best doctors are often stumped regarding how to treat it. Worse yet, many doctors just don’t listen to the patient’s symptoms or can’t imagine that they are all that serious. If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy yourself, you know just how serious and debilitating your symptoms really are. It’s made all the more painful when not a single healthcare provider offers you hope that anything can be done to help you feel better.

Fact 6:

There are treatments for neuropathy that few doctors know about or recognize. They don’t involve expensive or toxic drugs and they get to the root of the problem. While your diabetes doctor might say, “get your blood sugars in better control”, this is often not enough to really fix the problem.  You will need to do more in order to reverse the disease process.

Fact 7:

Neuropathy is far more than a frustrating disorder. It affects every aspect of your life, particularly because it never allows you a truly restful night of sleep; this will make your health even worse as time goes by.  Your best and only reasonable solution is to try a plan like mine that will address the root cause of the nerve damage, allowing for the maximum chance you’ll ever get for healthy nerves in your future.

Fact 8:

While peripheral neuropathy can happen at any age, it tends to affect the older population in higher proportions. It is estimated that more than 8 percent of Medicare recipients have peripheral neuropathy of some kind. Even more, this number of people have the disease and don’t realize that this is why they have many symptoms. The best solution to treating neuropathy, regardless of cause, is to catch it early and start treatment before the nerve damage becomes permanent.

Fact 9:

Peripheral neuropathy is a true epidemic in this country and, in fact, all over the world. Compare the 20 million or more Americans with peripheral neuropathy to the 5 million who have Alzheimer’s disease, the half-million or so who have multiple sclerosis, and the quarter-million of women who have breast cancer in the US. While peripheral neuropathy itself doesn’t kill you, it is a good barometer for your overall health and could mean you have a disease (like diabetes) that might kill you. By enhancing your nerve health through my program, you are improving the rest of your health as well. 

Fact 10:

Peripheral neuropathy doesn’t mean you will be disabled or suffering your entire life. You just need to use a treatment option like the one I have to offer in order to see real improvements in how you feel.  Many people who’ve used this program not only have fewer symptoms but they find that their quality of life improves dramatically as well. This has an enormous effect on your overall experience of life so you can get back to enjoying all that life has to offer you once again. 

True recovery from peripheral neuropathy is just a click away.  You will find out why you are suffering from this devastating health problem and you’ll see how my program can provide you with the solutions you need for better health, even if you’ve been told you could never again achieve that goal. You are just one step closer to excellent nerve health and toward a far better future in so many ways!


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