Do You Believe These 5 Myths about Peripheral Neuropathy?

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Guest Post by Dr. Randall C. Labrum, Neuropathy Expert

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office, only to be told that there is nothing that can be done about your condition? This is exactly what happens to millions of people a year who are given the diagnosis of “peripheral neuropathy” by their doctor, and who leave the office both afraid and frustrated after hearing that nothing will help their problem. If this is you and you have peripheral neuropathy, you need to know that when your doctor says, “nothing can be done”, this isn’t true at all.

Many people with peripheral neuropathy know the symptoms like tingling, numbness, or burning and stinging pain in their hands and feet (among other things). These are real symptoms due to nerve damage that can lead to foot ulcers and other injuries, which happen simply because they can’t feel these body areas well.

Many of these sores do not heal easily and can become infected or worse. Even without these complications, the suffering caused by peripheral neuropathy can be debilitating.

There are many causes of peripheral neuropathy; it is up to your doctor to help you figure out what the cause of your neuropathy might be.  The disorder is called “peripheral” because it affects the nerves further away from the center of your body, where your heart and circulation starts. 

Circulation can greatly affect the health of your peripheral nerves, but poor circulation is far from the only cause of this problem.

There are simply too many myths out there about peripheral neuropathy that get in the way of your getting the help you need.

The sad fact is that many doctors were never adequately trained to recognize the condition or to help you figure out the cause or correct treatment of it.

Let’s talk about the myths you might hear about peripheral neuropathy and what the real truths are,so you can find the treatment you need to heal from this debilitating condition.

Myth Number 1 : Peripheral Neuropathy is a Normal Part of Aging

It is a complete myth to say that peripheral neuropathy is just a “normal” part of aging. People who are older and otherwise healthy often do not have any problem with neuropathy. The only reason it is linked to aging is that peripheral neuropathy is associated with underlying diseases that happen to be more common with aging. 

The Truth:

Even though a healthy older person does not have to “deal with” neuropathy as a normal part of the aging process, it is true that older people tend to have reduced circulation to their legs, where peripheral neuropathy is more common.

Circulation goes two ways: toward the legs and away from them. If either part is affected, your nerve health can suffer.

By exercising to improve blood flow to the legs and by taking a minimum of fifteen minutes a day to lie back with your legs elevated above the level of your heart (which improves blood flow away from the legs), you can get healthy oxygenated blood to your nerves and can drive off unhealthy blood filled with cellular toxins back to your system for cleansing.

This will maximize the health of your peripheral nerve fibers so they work better and as a result symptoms of neuropathy improve.

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Myth Number 2 : We don’t Know the Cause of Most Peripheral Neuropathy

This is definitely false information! The only reason your doctor might not know the cause of your peripheral neuropathy is because he or she hasn’t looked hard enough. There are only a few cases of peripheral neuropathy for which no cause can be found.

The Truth :

While diabetes is a major cause of peripheral neuropathy, there are many other possible causes of this condition.

Your doctor needs to look for things like hereditary diseases, inflammation or infections in your body, chemicals or toxins in your system, poor nutrition, alcoholism, certain medications you take, kidney disease, and even poor nutrition as possible causes of the problem.

Because there are so many possible causes of peripheral neuropathy, you need to help your doctor find the cause of your symptoms.

Do what you can to reduce the effects of possible toxic exposures and, if you are diabetic, keep your sugar levels in the best control possible.

Improve your circulation and work with your doctor to reduce inflammation or quiet your immune system in order to improve symptoms.

Myth Number 3: There are no Treatments to Manage Peripheral Neuropathy

This is a myth, largely because there really are treatments and procedures that can help—even beyond simply improving your circulation every day. 

Your doctor may not have access to all of the available treatment options or might not even know what they are but they are certainly available to you.

The Truth :

If you look beyond the often hopeless outlook your doctor might give you, you’ll see that there are many treatments and procedures that can optimize the health of your nerves and improve your symptoms.

Your physician might give you pills to reduce the pain but these do not improve nerve health directly.

You need to decide now that there are options for you to go beyond pain pills and temporary treatments and find a solution that improves your nerve health.

The answers to nerve health might not be in your doctor’s office but if you’ll do some research, you will find at least one way you can take charge and do something to improve the quality of your life on a more permanent basis. 

 I have created a Simple Step-by-Step program that will teach you these methods which you can get at this link

Myth Number 4: Neuropathy Only Gets Worse and There is Nothing You Can Do to Change This Fact

This is far from a “fact” and is a huge myth. Certainly, if you do nothing and ignore the problem altogether, it is likely that your neuropathy will worsen.  If you intervene early on, you can slow the trajectory of the disease process and even reverse it, allowing your nerves to have a chance to heal themselves.

The Truth :

Peripheral neuropathy is not an all-or-none thing. Nerves can become slowly damaged over time so you can do something early on in order to stop this damage before it becomes permanent. Even if your symptoms come on quickly and severely, this doesn’t mean the damage is done. If the cause of the neuropathy is removed or improved in some way, your nerves can heal to some degree (and perhaps completely).

Myth Number 5: Diabetics have No Chance for Improvement of their Neuropathy

This is a sad myth that many doctors believe. They often think that diabetics can not prevent the worsening of neuropathy, the symptoms of the disease always increase with time.

The Truth:

Diabetics can and do improve their nerve health all the time.

With diabetes, the problem of neuropathy is two-fold. The high blood sugars are bad for their nerves; on top of that, poor circulation often comes with diabetes, furthering nerve damage.

If you are a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy, there is always room for improvement and ways to help your nerves heal, even if diabetes is the cause of your neuropathy and can’t itself be cured.

You need to understand that there are effective treatments for diabetic peripheral neuropathy that can have a lasting impact on your symptoms and overall health. Don’t let the fact that you have diabetes get in the way of becoming healthier and improving your quality of life.

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