Remedial Massage: The Rapid Treatment for Muscle Injuries

Remedial massage is a massage therapy used to treat various muscle injuries. It is a great way to provide fast and effective relief to injured muscles and has been shown to reduce or even eliminate pain in some cases. It can also help the healing process by reducing tightness, improving flexibility and increasing circulation. This article will explore the benefits of remedial massage for treating muscle injuries, when it should be used and how it works.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a popular treatment for muscle injuries and pain relief, but what are the other benefits? Studies have shown that it can provide a range of benefits to physical and mental health.

The combination of kneading and rolling motions used in remedial massage therapy help to increase circulation, break up knots in muscles, improve lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and stimulate the release of ‘happy hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones help to regulate mood and decrease stress levels. It can be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety or depression as well as aiding general well-being.

In addition, this form of massage therapy has been found to improve sleep quality which is essential for overall health.

Types of Muscle Injury Treated

A wide range of muscle injuries can be treated with remedial massage, including strains, sprains, tendonitis, and even joint dysfunction. Strains occur when the muscle fibers are overstretched or torn; they may cause pain or weakness in the affected body part. Sprains happen when a ligament is overstretched or torn; this results in pain and bruising around the injured area. Tendonitis involves inflammation of the tendons, which can lead to swelling and stiffness.

How it Works: Process Explained

Remedial massage targets the source of the injury or ailment, restoring balance within the body’s soft tissue structures and eliminating any negative effects such as tension, stress or tightness.

The process begins with an in-depth consultation with a qualified remedial massage therapist. The therapist will identify affected areas and discuss your health goals before beginning the massage treatment. During this time, they may also perform various assessments such as range of motion testing, palpation or postural analysis to identify any imbalances that need correcting.

The Advantages of Rapid Treatment

The most important benefit of Remedial Massage is the speed of recovery. This form of therapy reduces inflammation and improves circulation, which helps to reduce pain and swelling in injured muscles. It also increases the range of motion, increases flexibility and strengthens weakened areas. As a result, you can return to the activities you love faster than with many other forms of treatment.

In addition to providing rapid relief from muscle injuries, remedial massage offers numerous other benefits. It helps alleviate stress and tension throughout the body while promoting relaxation and improved sleep quality.