Scared to Visit a Dentist for a Root Canal? Here’s an Overview!

Tooth decay is rather common in today’s world. When you have a cavity that has touched the pulp inside the tooth, your dentist may recommend a procedure called the root canal treatment/therapy. People have heard weird stories about the pain and discomfort involved in root canal therapy, and as a result, they often delay their decision. If you are in Fort Myers, FL, check clinics like Fort Myers, FL dentist for an appointment. For your help, here’s what to expect from root canal treatment. 

Reasons why your dentist may recommend a root canal

If you have minor tooth decay, your dentist can use a composite filling to fix that. However, when the infection has reached the nerve, root, and pulp, a root canal treatment is almost inevitable. If there is an abscess, you may have pain and discomfort in the infected tooth, and the only alternative to a root canal is extraction. With root canal treatment, it is possible to save an infected tooth. 

The actual procedure

Some dentists may divide the whole procedure into two to three sittings, while others may do it in one appointment. The procedure, however, remains the same. After taking X-rays of the infected tooth, your dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the tooth. Next, an access hole would be drilled into the infected tooth to reach the pump. The dentist will then remove all the decay, bacteria along with nerves, and the pulp using special dental instruments. Following this, medications will be used to prevent further infection. The tooth is then sealed and closed with a filling. After the filling, your dentist will place a crown on the top to restore the tooth’s full functionality. 

Root canal vs. extraction

If your dentist believes that the infected tooth can be saved using a root canal, they will recommend the same instead of an extraction. With a root canal, you can save your natural tooth and retain your smile. If you choose to go for an extraction, you will need dentures or dental implants. Getting dental implants is a lot scarier than going through a root canal. 

Final word

Technology has evolved, and the whole procedure of root canal treatment has come a long way. You don’t have to feel any pain or discomfort, and if you still have dental anxiety, talk to your dentist in-depth, and they can help with additional options. In short, there’s nothing to fear about root canal treatment.