Since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic, people have taken advantage of telehealth and telemedicine for their great benefits. Most of the time, these medical terms are being interchangeably used due to confusion. While they all offer cost-effective healthcare and medical care benefits which can be accessed using video calls, phone calls, and SMS, these two medical terms have clear distinctions between them. People must know the difference between each of them so that they will have an understanding of the one they need. To help with that, here is information about telehealth and telemedicine. 


Telehealth uses a broad range of technology and other services to provide health and patient care and improve the healthcare delivery system. Unlike telemedicine, it covers a broad range of remote healthcare systems and services such as administrative meetings, providing training, and remote non-clinical services. This includes video conferencing with the doctor for minor checkups and follow-ups. With countless apps and websites like Now serving PH, booking and finding doctors or specialists for telehealth or online consultations can be easier than expected. Just input location and the specialty like Psychiatrist in Davao, and the results will flood in, a safe, fast and easy process.


Telemedicine is the subset of telehealth that refers to remote clinical medical and healthcare services. Just like telehealth, it involves using telecommunications technology, communication devices, and software to provide remote clinical services to the patients without an in-person visitation. It is mainly used for chronic conditions, specialist consultation, medication management, and other services that can be provided through video conferencing. It shows incredible potential for providing faster, less expensive, better, and more convenient care. 


The covid-19 pandemic has changed almost every element and aspect of how people operate and process everything, including medical and health care. Telehealth and telemedicine are two of the healthcare and medical care services pioneered during the pandemic for their convenience and cost-effective care. Although interchanged most of the time due to their nearly identical names, they have distinct differences. The first refers to remote non-clinical services, and the second refers to remote clinical services. Although different, they both still provide the same excellent benefits for the people.

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