The Benefits Of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Hyperbaric chamber therapy is an established treatment for decompression sickness which is a potential risk of scuba diving. However, that is not the only condition that hyperbaric chamber therapy can help rectify. Conditions such as severe infections, chronic wounds, bubbles of air in blood vessels, or radiation injury are some of the health conditions that hyperbaric chamber therapy can treat.

During hyperbaric chamber therapy, air pressure is increased three times higher than the average air. Under this condition, the lung can gather as much oxygen as possible. Since extra oxygen finds its way into your body, the body neutralizes harmful bacteria while stimulating the release of growth factors and stem cells essential in enhancing healing.

What are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy?

The benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy are scientifically backed. Experts have established that the therapy can be a great relief for patients suffering from many health problems. Here is why hyperbaric chamber therapy is good for your health.

Decreased Edema

Edema is a condition that occurs when excessive water fluid accumulates in body tissues. Unfortunately, edema can occur anywhere, including in the heart or the brain. Since the condition restricts circulation and increases tissue pressure, it slows the wound recovery mechanism of the body. HBOT is ideal for decreasing the condition as it enhances better circulation. The unwanted fluids that accumulate in the body can be eliminated. Consequently, injured tissues get enough oxygen supply hence promoting fast healing.

Tissue Hyperoxygenation

Another benefit of hyperbaric chamber therapy is that it promotes oxygen circulation in the body. With tissue hyperoxygenation, tissues become saturated with oxygen, which plays a significant role in the body’s healing process. Research has shown that hyperoxygenated body tissues undergo reepithelialization, which enhances the production of epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are responsible for facilitating the healing of wounds.

Enhanced Antibacterial Activity

Although there are beneficial bacterial, some are dangerous to human health. When harmful bacteria get their way into the human body, it is essential to eradicate them as fast as possible. Hyperbaric chamber therapy increases antibacterial activity immediately. Further, leukocytes gain momentum and strength from oxygen, which makes fighting disease-causing micro-organisms excellent. Research has shown that leukocytes work better when in oxygen conditions of over 300 mmHg, which is only achievable through supplemental oxygen.

Stimulate the Growth Factors

The growth factors become activated once the hyperbaric chamber therapy treatment saturates the body with pure oxygen. One common characteristic associated with the growth factor is that it effectively regulates the growth and differentiation of cells in the body. Further, the growth factors play an essential role in stimulating significant healing components, such as fibroblasts and leukocytes.

Experts believe that hyperbaric chamber therapy has become pretty popular among athletes with injuries because it promotes fast health. Athletes do not fancy the idea of sitting on the bench as a result of minor inures. The benefits mentioned above demonstrate the incredible ability of pressurized oxygen to rejuvenate the body. In other words, regular hyperbaric chamber therapy can quickly transform your body and help prevent reverse chronic injuries.