The Best Nordictrack Elliptical Trainer – 3 Ellipticals That Outshine the Competition 

Are you trying to find the best cheap Nordictrack elliptical trainer? Some of the most well-liked cross trainers on the market right now are Nordictrack ellipticals.

They produce a lot of models, but they also have some incredibly original machine ideas that you won’t find anywhere else. Which one is, therefore, best for you?

Here are the top 3 cheap Nordictrack elliptical trainers that I think offer the most value for the money, along with my justifications.

#1 Elliptical Nordictrack Freestrider

A brand-new variety of elliptical trainers that is currently quite popular is the Freestride Trainer.


Well, the majority of common cross trainers provide you with a predetermined stride and elliptical course. The issue with this is that your body can quickly adjust to this action and eventually become more effective at burning fewer calories.

#2 EllipticalNordictrack

The fact that the ACT elliptical has been in existence for several years (with updates every year) is evidence of how well-liked it is. The ACT comes in a variety of models, however, they all share a basic design.

Why all the fuss? The ACT is a center-drive elliptical, after all. Two smaller flywheels are placed on either side of the pedals instead of one larger flywheel in front or behind them.

You can benefit from doing this by standing more upright on the pedals (which for most people feel much more comfortable).

The ACT elliptical is also significantly more space-efficient due to the design, making it ideal for apartments and condos.

#3 SpaceSaver Elliptical

Spacesaver ellipticals, another kind of foldable cross-trainer from Nordic Track, are great for saving room in your home.

Nowadays, folding trainers are typically fragile and inexpensive because of the limitations of a folding design. On the other hand, Nordic Track’s new Spacesaver machines have massive flywheels and a steel commercial gauge frame, making them seem much more substantial.

When you were finished using these trainers, you can easily fold them up and roll them away even if it does take some muscle to do so.

Additionally, you get features like incline that other foldable ellipticals don’t provide, which can help make your workouts more challenging. 

To sum it up 

Your fitness regime would be vital for your health. However, it would be in your best interest to look for the best fitness machines to meet your specific needs. Among the several available options that you might have come across, consider looking for Nordic fitness equipment.