Have you spotted aging signs such as small lines, sagging, or wrinkles on your face? With modern techniques, you can deal with the signs using non-invasive procedures. Your trusted Threadlift Rockville Centre uses innovative anti-aging treatment for the facial lift in target areas, dealing with the obvious skin sagging and boosting collagen production. You will enjoy firmer skin and spot youthful looks, all without surgery.

The non-invasive option offers better results, fewer risks, and no downtime. Nonetheless, you need to play your part to facilitate a smooth recovery process and realize the best results. If you are considering thread lift, here are some of the dos and don’ts to help you enjoy a comfortable recovery and the best possible results.

Proper preparation

Your sleeping routine can affect your recovery progress. For instance, a few weeks to thread lift procedure, practice sleeping on your back if you usually sleep on your stomach or side. This will help during the recovery, as sleeping on your stomach or side adds extra pressure to the treated area. The pressure could increase bruising and swelling. This makes a recovery uncomfortable and affects the results as well. After the procedure, sleep on your back for a few nights for comfortable recovery and better results.

Dial down

No downtime means that you get to go back to your routine in no time. For the best results, though, it helps if you dial down, especially on your physical exercise. Take it slow, especially the first week after the procedure. This keeps blood pressure down, avoiding excessive swelling. Instead of that intense workout, stick to leisure walks, jogs, or a swim.

Beauty regimen

Makeup and facial massage are great, but they can affect thread lift recovery and results. It is advisable to avoid makeup for at least 12 hours after the procedure. This allows your skin to breathe and recover. Moreover, since the skin is sensitive after thread lift, wearing makeup can easily irritate it, affecting recovery. Facials can apply excessive pressure, leading to more bruising and swelling. What’s more, the pressure can force the threads out of place, affecting their effectiveness.


You are enjoying the progress and the results, but don’t ignore the follow-ups. The appointments, typically after two to three weeks, give your doctor a chance to evaluate your progress and recommend necessary measures for the best results. You are well prepared, including accumulating information on what to expect, but don’t miss an appointment since everything is going well. The appointment can make a significant difference, ensuring you realize the best results that will last long.

Alcohol and smoking

You know how smoking and aging signs relate. The faces you make as you smoke will not help during thread lift recovery, and the elevated blood pressure and poor nutrients flow only makes it worse. Alcohol too elevates blood pressure, and since it is a diuretic, it causes increased water and nutrient loss, which are essential for your skin’s health. As you prepare for a thread lift, make relevant lifestyle changes to ensure you don’t drink or smoke for at least two weeks after the procedure.

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