It is no secret that people aim at having perfect skin. Countless products and treatments promise to help us achieve this but often fall short of expectations. Laser skin treatments are one of the latest methods to achieve perfect skin, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Schedule an appointment with Jennifer Addy RN. What are laser skin treatments, and how do they work?

Reducing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation and sun exposure can lead to skin discoloration and damage over time. When the skin is treated with a suitable laser, it changes how melanin (which gives color to our skin) is formed and distributed. Melanin stimulates its production and attracts others of the same kind, clumping together and spreading in the skin. 

This is sometimes seen when people get darker when exposed to the sun, and if not treated, it can lead to severe medical conditions such as melanoma. The proper laser treatment changes the pigmentation of the skin so that there aren’t any more clumps and allows for an even and perfect color.

Solution for Vascular Lesions

Our skin has many blood vessels that are close to the surface. These vessels can sometimes contract and expand abnormally, leading to symptoms like swellings, redness, irritation, and hyperpigmentation. Damage to these veins is often referred to as vascular lesions. 

Regardless of their size or number, these symptoms can be reduced or removed using lasers on the affected area. This is due to selective photothermolysis, which targets blood vessels, heats them to the point of being damaged, and reduces symptoms.

Removal of Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions

Skin lesions are small but abnormal changes in the skin caused by different factors, such as genetics, stress, illness, and more. These lesions are often benign, which means they do not lead to cancer; however, they can still be unsightly and cause you discomfort. 

One of the most common types is actinic keratosis, or precancerous skin lesions caused by sun damage. There are different treatments for these lesions, but one of them is laser therapy, in which the laser is aimed at the lesion in question to remove it.

Reducing Sun Damage and Spots

Lasers can be used before and after sun damage occurs to your skin. After sun damage has occurred, lasers are so effective at removing unwanted spots caused by sun exposure, many people call them “spot zappers.” They do this by destroying the topmost layers of your skin where the spots are, making them disappear almost completely. 

With their help, you can get rid of dark spots in just one session. If sun damage hasn’t occurred yet, lasers can prevent its formation by destroying cells that cause it when they are still at an early stage.

Prevention of Scarring and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks and scars can appear on your skin due to different factors, such as pregnancy, weight change, or injury. While some may not be that noticeable, others take up a large portion of the skin and are notoriously hard to get rid of. This is where laser treatment comes in.

Laser skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. They can help reduce or remove hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, pre-cancerous skin lesions, sun damage spots, and more. You can achieve perfect skin and look your best with the proper laser treatment.