Simply put, marriages are an important event in any individual’s life and play a huge role throughout. Marriage can be defined as the union of two individuals on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. It is the purest form of love and is also defined as the union of two souls. When two people get married, not only are they connected but also the two families. It is not easy to keep a married life going on for years as it requires a deep understanding between the two individuals.

There is a lot of importance given to this sacred union known as marriage in our country. For years, people have resorted to astrology if they face problems in life. All relationships go through a rough patch. It is inevitable to avoid one. However, ending things is not always the solution. The values and virtues that the people in our country are brought up with suggestions to mend things instead of ending them.

It is essential to have a type of understanding between the husband and wife to keep things going smoothly. Both need to understand each other despite tough times and put in their best efforts to evolve and nourish the relationship or bond, no matter what. A sacred bond like this needs constant and consistent efforts from both ends to work out beautifully.

Despite knowing all this, sometimes things do not work out and push over to the very edge. Losing hope is the first step to losing the relationship, however, if you ask astrologer, they will advise you on tips that can help save the marriage and make it fruitful. The relationship between a husband and wife is truly a rollercoaster and these Vastu tips can help effectively.

  • The South or the Southwest direction is highly recommended for married couples to sleep in. This direction of the house is advised by astrologers.
  • The bedroom walls should be painted with bright and light colors like pink, yellow, white, light blue, and light green among others. These colors are known to promote a positive, tranquil and soothing environment.
  • The husband and wife should both sleep on a double bed and single mattress. Divided mattresses and quilts may lead to major differences and issues between the two.
  • Wooden beds should be chosen over metal beds as they effectively help in getting rid of negativity. This also helps in balancing optimistic vibrations in the home.
  • As per astrology, a square or rectangular bed should be placed in the bedroom with a ratio of length and breadth of 1:2.
  • Fresh flowers in the bedroom can help with keeping the surroundings positive and harmonious.
  • Couples should sleep in a bed with their head in the South direction and legs towards the North.
  • Hanging pictures or wall hangings of landscapes or sceneries can help maintain optimistic energy in the room.
  • The doors in the house are an equally essential element. They are the gateway to all energies. All doors should open at a 90-degree alignment. Half-opening doors represent a half-hearted interest in things in life.
  • Mirrors should be placed very carefully in the bedroom/ Wrong or bad placing of mirrors mean bad omen or negative energies in the room.
  • The Northeast corner of the house should be kept properly clean, neat, and tidy. If this tip is not followed, it may give rise to complications and issues between the couple.
  • Money, wealth, and other valuables should be kept in the Northern or Eastern corner of the home as it promotes financial stability which is also essential for a successful relationship.

Here are some Vastu tips which suggest what should be avoided for a happy married life. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Married couples should avoid sleeping in a bedroom placed in the Southeast or Northeast corner.
  • Astrology suggests refraining from keeping any thorny plants in the bedroom.
  • The kitchen should not be placed in the Northeast direction as it is an essential element of the home.
  • As mentioned above, metal beds should not be used by couples. And they should also avoid storing anything under the bed.
  • The placing of the underground tank in the Southwest direction can negatively harm the emotional balance of the couple.
  • Paintings or wall hangings that showcase or signify war, violence, or other negative things should be refrained from putting up.


These are some important Vastu tips that are essential for a happy married life. First are mentioned the dos for a happy married life and next mentioned the Don’ts for it. Married couples who follow these optimally can benefit from them and enjoy a happy, healthy, and strong relationship. Vastu Shastra has a lot to do with home and directions and hence suggests the best directions for placements and directions that can help improve every aspect of life.