What are the Qualities of a Good Dentist?

Many people value a good bedside manner, a clean and pleasant environment, and a well-organized scheduling system when it comes to medical doctors. However, have you ever thought about what constitutes a good dentist and whether or not your dentist meets these criteria? With a plethora of options to select from, how do you determine if you have found the correct dentist? It is essential to define what constitutes a good dentist when assessing your present dental care or wondering if you switch to a new provider. Some of the desirable aspects portrayed by the specialists at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center that you should look out for in a dentist include: 

Active Listening

A great dentist wants to help you. However, the best dentists listen just as much as they employ their technical ‘know-how’ through various dental procedures. A competent dentist spends ample time to pay attention to your worries. Besides, they rarely hurry you out of therapy and work with you to reduce any discomfort you may be experiencing, such as dental work anxiety.


You are looking for a dentist because you do not have the knowledge they acquired by studying dental school. Therefore, you depend on them to inform you on dental health, health issues, excellent oral hygiene habits, and alternative treatments for prospective issues. A great dentist will gladly clarify your selections and collaborate with you to boost your self-assurance. It could be anything from teaching you suitable brushing practices to walking you through the steps of a prospective surgery.

Warm & Friendly

Once your dental provider takes time to know you, they will offer you better treatment alternatives tailored to your personal health history. Furthermore, they can assist you with core difficulties that a short, impersonal visit might miss. Sometimes, whenever your specialist welcomes you to their office or begins inquiring about your career and family, you could believe that they like you. However, these are just signals that you have found a good dentist who genuinely cares about you and desires you to feel at ease throughout your dental visit.

Cherishes A Long-Term Relationship

The greatest dentist will make an effort to keep you as a patient for a long time. Part of trying to maintain a long-term relationship may include reminding you and your family whenever it is time for a visit, arranging routine X-rays or scans, and creating a friendly office environment. If your dentist handles your visit as a one-time job, it is time to find a new dentist.

Promotes only What Is Necessary

Competent dentists will not try to pitch you on items or procedures you do not need and do not request prior to your checkup. Instead, a quality dentist will have a staff that can assist you in determining what dental procedure is appropriate for you. Besides, they can help you find out what your dental insurance might cover, either partially or entirely; thus, ensuring you have a clear picture of how much therapy will cost you upfront.

Emphasizes Follow-Up Care

Some dental operations could be lengthy and exhausting, leaving you feeling groggy for several hours. After a long or complex surgery, a good dentist will check in with you to ensure you are doing well and that no issues obstruct your recuperation.

Your smile is a reflection of who you are. As a result, it is critical to look after your gums and teeth to ensure you maintain a positive self-image and enjoy enhanced self-confidence. Marvin Taylor, DDS, offers a full scope of dental procedures, ranging from preventive and cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry and more. Irrespective of your dental concern, Dr. Taylor can help. Call the Waterford, MI office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today to determine what procedure is correct for you.