Which cosmetic treatments are you willing to undergo or try this year? Cosmetic procedures have a specific goal of making your appearance better. The treatments focus on improving different areas of your body. Most treatments involve the skin since it is the largest organ and a reflection of your inner health, such as medical grade facials in Colorado Springs. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from the treatments.

What is a medical-grade facial?

Your skin is a prominent body part that mostly describes your appearance. Various issues with your skin interfere with your appearance which may lead to self-esteem problems. Luckily with a medical-grade facial treatment at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics, you can solve all your skin problems.

It involves a combination of different cosmetic procedures to restore and enhance your skin’s health and appearance. The team at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics uses the latest techniques to ensure excellent outcomes.

Reasons why you should go for a medical-grade facial?

Unlike other aesthetic techniques, medical-grade facials at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics guarantee practical and lasting results. Your provider designs a customized treatment plan to treat your particular skin issues.

A skilled aesthetician uses the exact amount of skin healing ingredients, which may involve other techniques, including micro-needling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments to enhance your skin.

It is advisable to go for regular medically proven facials to enhance and maintain healthy skin. A medical-grade facial allows you to have softer and even tone skin and reduces the visibility of aging signs.

Dermaplaning and microdermabrasion

Dermaplaning involves removing the top layer of the skin, which includes the dead skin cells using a small scalpel. The procedure also eliminates any trapped dirt on your face, promoting a flawless and rejuvenated look.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure for facial refreshment through exfoliation. The technique involves the use of a specialized device to remove the top layers of the skin. It promotes new cell development, which eliminates skin issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars, clogged pores, and uneven skin tones.

How does micro-needling improve your appearance?

A micro-needling treatment involves rolling a small pen-like device that consists of several tiny needles on your face. It causes numerous micro-holes that the body provides with healing elements to repair the skin. The procedure enhances stronger and healthier skin.

What is a chemical peel?

The procedure involves applying various chemicals on your face to excrete the dead cells and stimulate a rejuvenated new skin. It removes skin discoloration giving a smooth and bright appearance.

Your provider evaluates the degree of your problem to determine the right type of peel for you. Your chemical peel also includes a facial massage, extractions, a customized mask, and lymphatic drainage.

There are several aesthetic treatments to improve your skin health and appearance. Working with skincare and aesthetic expert can help you find the right procedures. Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics guarantee the best care for your skin. They offer a medical-grade facial that involves various cosmetic treatments to enhance rejuvenated healthy skin. Please call their offices today, to book your consultation.