Aging comes with a load of positives. For instance, you are wiser and can confidently face a range of trying times. Aging also takes, and your youthful looks are among the top concerns you will readily tell. The first wrinkle, grey hair, sagging skin; it is a lot. Luckily, you can fight some aging signs, restore your glowing looks, and confidently step out. As you fight the signs, your face is the top battlefield. Among the top weapons in your arsenal is facial grafting. Yorkville, Toronto, Canada, facial fat grafting is a minimally invasive two-step process that uses your own body tissues. Fat is harvested from a donor site, typically the thighs, buttocks, and belly, and used to restore and improve your face’s contour.

Facial fat grafting addresses issues such as thin lips, hollow-looking eyes, deep creases, sagging skin, and sunken cheeks, to mention a few. If you consider the procedure, here are a few details you should know to make an informed decision.

Less invasive procedure

Many people get the chills when surgery is mentioned. As a form of surgery, facial fat grafting is less invasive. Virtually anyone is a good candidate for the procedure, unless you have a pre-existing medical condition or your lifestyle habits do not make you a good candidate, like smoking. When surgeries are not an option for your cosmetic quests, the procedure could still be viable. It involves tiny incisions to the donor site, and the injection needle is also small. It also means that the recovery process is easier and faster.

Fewer risks

On a medical stand, facial fat grafting is a safe procedure. It does not use foreign materials that can cause an allergic reaction. The facial volume is restored using your own fat cells, and with the minimal operation, you are not exposed to many risks like infections. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you pick a reliable and reputable surgeon for the procedure to be smooth.

Permanent results

Some of the transferred fat cells will be metabolized and reabsorbed by the body. The remaining becomes permanent on the target area, delivering a natural look. As they are not foreign, the results are permanent. You need experienced professionals using quality standards to process the harvested cells for the best results, guaranteeing a high survival rate. After the procedure, you will not be worried that you will return to that aged look in a few years.

It is not a weight-loss procedure

Some consumers have a common misconception that any operation, including fat cells, leads to weight loss. If you want to shed a few pounds, facial fat grafting will not help as much. The fat harvested from the donor site is relatively small, not enough to lose weight.

Facial fat grafting, if done right, delivers desirable results. Nonetheless, setting realistic goals is essential considering your situation. The bottom line is ensuring that you only work with a board-certified and reputable doctor. Contact TMB cosmetic surgery for consultations or set an appointment to learn more about facial fat grafting. With the solution-oriented approaches, you will enjoy a productive engagement as you work to restore your youthful looks.