What To Expect During A Wellness Visit

A wellness visit is a doctor’s visit where a patient receives a complete physical exam. Many health insurance plans provide a sticker in their plan booklets: “Wellness Visit.” Wellness visits are often considered preventive care, and many doctors require them from time to time for this reason. Wellness visits to the doctor are often necessary, and you must prepare for this visit beforehand. Do not be caught off guard, and make sure to bring any material or information that you think will help your doctor. For example, if you have a list of medications you take daily, bring them with you so there is no confusion about what the doctor should prescribe. This article looks at some of the things you can expect during your visit with Dr. Varu Devesh in Frisco, TX.

  1. Physical Exam

Your doctor will take your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and order lab tests. Before the visit, you should take some time to write down any previous illnesses or treatments that you have received in the past. The doctor may also want to know if you’re taking over-the-counter medications, prescription medication, or illegal substances such as marijuana. You should also take the time to write down any symptoms you’ve been having. This will allow your doctor to conduct a complete physical exam. You should also be prepared for your doctor to check your ears, eyes, and throat and test your reflexes and cardiovascular response.

  • Blood Pressure Test

Your doctor will probably ask you for your blood pressure. This will be done using a blood pressure cuff. The test can take place either manually or automatically. A manual testing method involves the doctor handling your wrist and placing it below his/her arm. Another method, which is more common these days, is to blow into an automated machine that measures your blood pressure.

  • Symptoms Analysis

Your doctor will go over all of the symptoms you have been having and try to diagnose them. If you’ve had a cold or flu recently, expect your doctor to ask how long the symptoms lasted and whether they were accompanied by fever. Your doctor may also ask about recent activities such as exercise, sexual activity, flying in an airplane, or other factors that may have caused stress to your body.

  • Lab Tests

Your doctor will conduct blood, urine, and other lab tests to check for possible causes of your symptoms. The need for these tests will depend on your symptoms and the history you’ve taken up till now. If required, you may also be asked to take some X-rays or MRIs. Your doctor may also decide to keep a check on your blood sugar level. If you need any further tests, mention this to your doctor as it will save time and money.

In summary, a wellness visit can be a time-consuming process. Your doctor may ask you to add specific lab tests during your wellness visits, such as a urine test or blood sugar level check. You can save time and money by adding these tests beforehand. Make sure that you take an accurate medical history, either in writing or verbally. Also, make sure to bring any material or information to help your doctor in the diagnosis process.