Like any other medical field, dental health also requires surgical procedures to diagnose and treat various dental issues effectively. However, the procedures happen when necessary; otherwise, non-surgical procedures are mostly recommended. Different oral treatments require surgical intervention depending on the cause and the extent of the condition. Working with the experts is critical when it comes to oral surgical procedures. Today, work with the best Monterey, CA, oral surgery specialists to receive the most practical care in the following oral surgical procedures.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery involves all surgical procedures to diagnose and treat dental health issues. A certified oral surgeon performs the treatments, including.

Tooth removal

Tooth removal occurs when the tooth puts your oral health in danger. Usually, your provider will try other treatment options before deciding on tooth extraction. Some of the cases you might need a tooth extraction include:

·    Severe gum disease

·    Crowded teeth

·    Risk of infection from a root canal

·    Overly damaged tooth

·    Increased risk of infection during organ transplant

·    Inadequate space for third molars due to wisdom teeth

A tooth removal procedure at Perio and Implant Center involves minimally invasive techniques. A surgical extraction is necessary to remove a tooth broken at the gumline. It requires your provider to make an incision to remove the tooth.

The procedure occurs under anesthesia to enhance comfort during the procedure.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the teeth, three molars, at the back of your jaw. Usually, they are the last to develop in your mouth. Normally they may not cause any harm; however, sometimes, there may not be enough space for their development, causing pain, infection, among other issues. Your provider suggests their removal to prevent further problems.

It is significant to have your wisdom teeth removed if they cause the following problems.

·    Infection

·    Complications with orthodontic treatment

·    Tooth decay

·    Trapping food and debris

·    Pain

·    Development of a cyst

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure to add more bone to your jawbone to prepare for dental implants. Your provider takes a donor’s bone and grafts it with your jawbone. The bone fuses with your jawbone forming a strong foundation for dental implants support.

Dental implants

When having missing teeth, performing various dental functions might be a problem. Dental implants provide an effective solution for lost teeth. The surgical procedure involves your provider drilling a hole in your jawbone to place the titanium tooth roots that eventually merge with your jawbone to form a permanent solution.

Gum disease

Gum disease involves an oral bacterial infection caused by plaque buildup in your gums. The condition develops gradually and may cause serious damage when left untreated.

In the severe stage, gum disease may require gum surgery for treatment. However, there are other noninvasive treatments available at Perio & Implant Center.

Most oral procedures require surgical means to enhance proper healing. Ensuring you are dealing with a professional oral surgeon is crucial to enhance optimal results. Usually, oral surgery is not the recommended treatment only when necessary. It’s good you know that all oral surgical procedures at Perio & Implant Center of Monterey and Silicon Valley happen under anesthesia or sedation. Hence, they guarantee comfort during the treatments. Contact their offices today to schedule your treatment.