Why Should You Quit Smoking in 2022?

Did you know that smoking any form of tobacco causes 9 million deaths each year alone?

Added to this, both active and passive smokers are likely to develop Covid-19. As a result, more and more people want to quit smoking or any form of tobacco consumption. Did you know that you are unknowingly creating the chances of getting cancer and a lot of other diseases? Besides, you are putting your family’s health and environment at risk. Do you want to leave your dear ones behind, in financial debt, hopeless and helpless, just because you could not quit smoking?

Yes, we know that quitting smoking is not an easy task to accomplish. If you are a beginner and want to quit smoking, it is easier. However, if you are an active smoker, for example, six cigarettes to one or two packets a day, you must try to control it from now. However, there are some ways to quit smoking. No one says that it would be an easy job. Even NASA failed before launching a successful lunar mission. With dedication, healthy habits, concentration, you can do it. There will be some withdrawal symptoms, but they will disappear gradually.

Your life is at risk.

Smoking is the leading cause of cancer death. Smoking is related to the appearance of 29 diseases. Ten are different types of cancer that attack organs: the lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, tar, and nicotine are highly toxic substances found in cigarettes.

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Development of cardiovascular diseases

Various studies have confirmed that smoking can cause acute myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death, Cerebrovascular accidents, and peripheral vascular diseases. It shrinks your artery and disrupts the blood flow to the heart. On the other hand, exposure to passive smoking generates a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Your heart rate drops immediately after quitting smoking.

Out of shape

There are four diseases associated with smoking – cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, emphysema, and lung cancer. The presence of these chronic conditions limits physical activities. Smoking causes premature aging of the skin, as it destroys the amino-chain proteins, and as a result, you get wrinkles and psoriasis. Nicotine favors the appearance of skin dryness and atrophy by raising vasopressin levels.

Innocent victims

Inhaling secondhand smoke can cause cancer in people who do not smoke. Living with an active smoker increases the chance of lung cancer by 20% to 30% in nonsmokers. The treatment for smoking-related diseases is higher. Did you know you have been financially supporting the tobacco industry? You can save a considerable amount of money spent on buying tobacco products. Can you count how much you have paid already in a year?

Pregnancy at risk

Pregnant women who smoke put their babies at risk of being born prematurely or low birth weight. Smoking during or after pregnancy could cause otitis media, sudden death syndrome, and learning difficulties in a child. Beware that pregnant women exposed to tobacco smoke in the environment are also targets of these dangers.

Lower sexual performance

Men who smoke are at increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction persistent or recurrent inability to obtain or maintain an appropriate erection. It psychologically affects the person, especially their self-esteem.

Goodbye white teeth

The cigarette damages the pigmentation of the teeth, turning them yellow. Recent medical studies have shown that it also causes gum disease, weak enamel, and bone or tooth loss. The fastest damage occurs to the peripheral capillaries and nerve endings, which is why smokers have many gum problems.

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In the end

It is essential that the decision to stop smoking represents your initiative, as it makes the process a little easier since leaving an addiction is difficult. From breaking each connection that relates you to smoking to adopting a healthy lifestyle, it is also essential to identify a greater desire to smoke. In this way, it is possible to replace the act of smoking with something else, such as physical activity. Try to spend some time in a gym to get motivation.

It is essential to set a date or period to stop smoking within 30 days. To stop smoking, you should start by removing all cigarette-related objects from home and work. Another important tip is to avoid the smell of cigarettes, avoiding places where people are smoking. When the urge to smoke arises, one strategy is to eat sugar-free gum to keep your mouth busy and reduce the need to light a cigarette. When the urge to smoke comes, the person must distract himself by doing festive activities.