Debunking Common Myths About Egg Freezing

A vast amount of women in their 20s and 30s are turning to egg freezing as a way to fight off the time clock. The egg freezing process has many benefits for young women who wish to focus on their careers in Newport Beach, CA. Still, some things need clarification about fertility science and egg freezing. Understand the myths revolving around the topic of egg freezing. Let’s debunk some of these common myths. But first, find the best egg freezing in Newport Beach, California.

Egg Freezing is Expensive

A woman’s fertility declines after age 32 due to a decrease in ovarian reserve and egg quantity. This decline results from the natural aging process; it doesn’t mean that women cannot become pregnant once they reach a certain age. 

Some inherent risks are associated with advanced maternal age pregnancies, but there is no evidence to support this claim either! Women can become pregnant at any age if they have the proper medical attention.

Egg Freezing is Not Successful

The pregnancy success rate after egg freezing depends on the woman’s age, but if she is under 35 years old, it has a high probability of about 75-80%. However, there are some inherent risks associated with advanced maternal age pregnancies. But again, this myth can be busted because women can become pregnant at any age if they have the proper medical attention.

Egg Freezing is a Cry for Help

Some people think egg freezing is a cry for help because women are becoming increasingly aware of their biological clocks and feel egg freezing can buy them more time to focus on their careers. 

So these women tend to choose this route instead of making babies. But it’s important to point out that other women go through these procedures because they do not have a significant other or cannot conceive naturally.

Egg Freezing is Unnatural

Another myth about egg freezing is that it’s unnatural and should be avoided at all costs when planning for pregnancy. But when women discuss family building options with their doctors, they should be made aware of all the facts about egg freezing as a viable option to enhance their fertility. Egg freezing is a relatively new concept, so more research needs to be done on the topic because it’s an evolving science.

The Process is Painful

The egg freezing process is painless and can be done at a clinic. It involves stimulating the ovaries by giving you hormone injections to get more eggs; then, after ten days of taking these shots, they will extract the eggs from your ovaries.

After that, they look under a microscope and see if they are mature enough before putting them in the freezer. Egg freezing is relatively safe for women if she has no underlying health conditions or a family history of illness of any kind.

The freezing process involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the eggs, preserving the eggs for many years without affecting their quality.

Egg Freezing is an excellent option for women in their 20s and 30s who want to focus on their careers instead of making babies. However, some myths about egg freezing need debunking if you consider the procedure yourself. Egg freezing involves stimulating your ovaries with hormone injections to get more eggs before they’re extracted after ten days of taking these shots.