Optimal Indoor Cannabis Growing Humidity Levels

The marijuana plant’s life cycle is divided into many phases, each requiring unique circumstances to progress the marijuana seeds from the seedling stage to the flowering stage. This write-up will outline the optimal humidity levels for each stage of indoor cannabis development in this section. To determine this, either use a high-quality thermometer and hygrometer to monitor your grow room’s temperature and humidity levels or a thermo-hygrometer that monitors both.

Stage 1 – Germination

This stage demands a relative humidity of 80-90 percent and a temperature of 25-26ºC during the day and 21-22ºC at night. It is appropriate for newly sprouted seeds and young seedlings from 0 to 10 days old. At this stage, plants are very delicate and need high moisture to produce strong roots in the subsequent phases.

Stage 2 – Cloning

Because clones lack roots, they need different conditions than conventional Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Connecticut .Until they develop roots, they absorb moisture from their leaves, which is why they should be grown in high humidity (80% to 100%). Once the plant develops roots, the humidity level may be reduced to roughly 60%.

Stage 3 – Seedling

It is critical to maintain an appropriate relative humidity for seedlings, particularly between the ages of 12 and 30 days when they establish roots. They, like clones, flourish in greater humidity levels of 65-80%. Due to their immature root systems, raising the humidity allows plants to absorb more water and build robust roots. The room temperature should be approximately 77°F (21°C) through the day and 70°F (21°C) at night throughout this period.

Stage 4 – Vegetative

Vegetative plants like moderate humidity levels between 55–70 percent during the first three to four weeks of blooming, with daytime temperatures between 71–82°F (22–28°C) and temperatures around 64–75°F (18–24°C) at night. At the final point of the vegetative period, the levels should be approximately 50%-60%. Due to the fact that plants develop stronger roots at this stage, gardeners often decrease the humidity level.

Stage 5 – Flowering

Plants thrive from lower humidity levels during the early blooming period, which should be about 40–50 percent, with occasional increases to 55 percent. The optimal temperature range for this stage is 68–78°F (20–26°C) since high temperatures might impede bud development and perhaps impair the strength of the buds by allowing terpenes and cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) to burn off.

Stage 6 – Late Flowering

The best humidity level for the last two to three flowering weeks should be approximately 30%–40%, with temperatures ranging between 64–75°F (18–24°C) during the day and 60–69°F (16-20°C) at night.

Final Thoughts

The optimal humidity level for growing marijuana plants varies according to the stage of development of the plant thus producers must adjust the relative humidity in the same way they adjust the temperature.