The Ultimate Guide to Gynecological Cancer Symptoms and Treatments in the Philippines

Cancer has always been a pressing concern for everyone in the modern world. Cancer in the lungs is fourth in the number of cases in women in 2020. While cervical cancer, a type of gynecological condition, beats this statistics of lung cancer in the Philippines by 2.4% in a study by the Global Cancer Observatory. Women’s reproductive organs have been a major cancer site in the country. 

There are multiple types of gynecological cancer with unique symptoms and causes. With a life-threatening condition such as cancer, people should familiarize themselves with the possible signs of each one. This can help individuals to determine early on-set diagnoses and set up preventative measures in case they are at risk. 

Cervical cancer is found in the long, narrow canal connecting the uterus and the vagina. Its symptoms include abnormal bleeding in the vagina, like spotting, heavy vaginal discharge often accompanied by blood, distress in the pelvic and back region, and pain and bleeding during or after intercourse. 

Ovarian cancer is the mutation of cells in each ova in the women’s reproductive system. There are three types of ovarian cancer, mainly germ cell tumors, epithelial ovarian cancer, and stromal tumors. Its symptoms include bloating, sudden weight loss, frequent urination, fatigue, back and pelvic pain, constipation, and pain during intercourse.

Vaginal cancer is the unusual growth of cells on the surface of the vagina, glandular cells, or muscles found in the vaginal walls. The symptoms of advanced vaginal cancer are abnormal vaginal bleeding, urination problems, difficulty in the pelvic area, and a lump or mass in the vagina. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact your professional medical provider as soon as possible to know your status. Much like lung cancer in the Philippines, gynecological cancer is notorious cancer in the country that can be successful when given immediate medical attention. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Gynecological Cancer Symptoms and Treatments in the Philippines