Substance misuse is not easy to understand and cannot be remedied with the snap of your fingers. It requires a lot of time, care, and compassion to get through, and most individuals are unable to do so alone. Treatment in a rehabilitation facility is the most effective method to live a better life.

In order to be on your way to sobriety, your body must be cleaned entirely of any drug or substance so that you can go through treatment in a healthier physical and mental state. You will be examined and then placed in a drug detox treatment at The Encino Detox Center. This can be frightening for many people, so you must be prepared with the necessary knowledge before proceeding.

Why Is Detox Essential?

You want to heal, but you don’t want to use drugs anymore. However, attempting to quit cold turkey without medical treatment might cause your body and mind to feel out of whack since you have grown accustomed to the effects of the medication. Withdrawal symptoms may be terrible, and if you are not being cared for by specialists, you might be ready to go back to your old habit.

The medical staff at The Encino Detox Center will be able to prevent you from resuming your former behavior. To alleviate the physical symptoms, they will administer medical-assisted treatment (MAT), which will help reduce your drug cravings.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

As you would guess, detoxing your body from a chemical it has grown accustomed to is complex, and many of the side effects may be agonizing. The Encino Detox Center team will ensure you understand what you’re getting into before and during detox. While there are other symptoms, the following are the most commonly observed:

  • Migraines
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Shaking Hands

The duration of symptoms and their impact on you are determined by a variety of factors, including how long you have taken the substance and how much you consume, as well as any history of addiction or past withdrawals. These signs will also influence how long it takes you to detox. Most people have to wait between 3 and 10 days.

Following Detox

Once you’ve overcome your withdrawal symptoms and have been medically stable, you’ll need to continue your therapy. Though you are not required to attend The Encino Detox Center’s residential drug rehab in Los Angeles, the staff will strongly advise you to do so. This program will provide you with the tools and therapies you need to remain drug-free indefinitely.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) are some of the therapies you will get at the residential level. You will also have the opportunity to work in both individual and group environments, allowing you to discuss your experience and understand that you are not alone.

Why Should You Use The Encino Detox Center?

The medical specialists at the Encino Detox Center understand that no two people who come to them for help are the same and that each individual needs unique care. They will get to know you as they support you through withdrawal so that they can motivate you and help you recuperate efficiently.

They establish an environment in which all of their patients feel comfortable and free to share their past and present difficulties. Someone will always be available to listen and provide advice, helping them build ties they may not have otherwise. This teaches kids what good relationships look like, which they may apply to their social life after being released.

Withdrawal is the most difficult barrier to overcome during the healing process, and it should never be undertaken on your own. The Encino Detox Center can give you nurses that are available 24 hours a day, doctor aid, and plenty of support. If you feel that their services will help you heal, their kind personnel will be there for you.