The spacing of your children after birth allows your children to breastfeed well and gives the mother enough time to rest after the long nine months of pregnancy. In most cases, child spacing is done using various family planning methods. Similarly, family planning also allows spouses to give birth to the number of children they can raise, which suits their financial, personal, and cultural needs. Therefore, family planning in McAllen is offered by a team of specialists who offer you a family planning method that suits you. Below is all you are required to understand concerning family planning.

What is family planning?

Generally, family planning refers to a long-term process that enables you to determine the number of children you want in your family. Proper spacing of the children is beneficial to both the mother and children and the parents in general because they allow them to set aside finances that will meet the needs of everyone in the family. Birth control methods play a vital role in family planning. Most women do not have many choices regarding family planning types. However, if it’s long since you used a new type of family planning method, there could exist a method that can suit your needs. Some hormonal birth control methods are used to restore hormonal balance or treat some symptoms of some gynecological conditions apart from preventing unwanted pregnancy.

What are the birth control options available?

In most cases, birth control methods are divided into two broad categories, hormonal methods, and barrier methods. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Barrier methods

They work by forming a barrier that prevents the sperm from reaching or fertilizing the ovum. Examples of barrier control methods are female condoms, diaphragm, male condoms, cervical caps, and birth control sponges. Including spermicide with any of the above methods reduces your chances of getting pregnant. Condoms have the added advantage of preventing you from contracting sexually transmitted infections.

  • Hormonal birth control

Hormonal birth control works by interfering with your hormonal balance by thickening the cervical wall or preventing ovulation. Examples of hormonal birth controls are implants, patches, birth control injections, birth control pills, and intrauterine devices. They also work by stopping or slowing your menstrual cycle.

Which birth control requires less scheduling or planning?

There are long-term birth control methods available for women who are always busy or are not interested in adhering to the daily schedule of taking pills. Long-term methods are lasting, reliable, and require nothing from you apart from an occasional visit to your physician. Some of the long-term birth control methods available are Depo-provera, an injection given that lasts for approximately three months. NuvaRing is another method of a vaginal ring that is effective for three months. There is also a Nexplanon, an implant that can last for three years, and Implanon, which lasts for five years.

Family planning is essential to both the children and parents because it helps them remain healthy. Therefore if you are interested in trying a certain family planning method, you can start by booking your appointment online at the Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley today.