Reasons Causing Your Back Pain

The activities that people carry out the entire day may impact their backs. Back pains cause a lot of discomfort to people, and if not taken seriously, the back pain can lead to serious conditions. Back pains are not necessarily a person’s fault. Back pains can be caused by several medical conditions. Reach out to Dr. Kamal Woods in Dayton to get treatment for your back. The following are some of the reasons responsible for back pain.

1.      Poor posture

Poor posture is the leading cause of back pain among many individuals. People subconsciously find themselves maintaining the wrong postures. These include improper sitting, walking, and standing postures. Leaning forward while walking puts a lot of stress on the back, which causes back pain at the end of the day. Doctors recommend people to stand or walk with their chest out and shoulders upright to avoid an improper posture, resulting in back pain. Improper sitting posture among students and workers can lead to serious back pain and back conditions because it is done for a prolonged time.

2.      Herniated disks

Back specialists will diagnose you with a herniated disk if your spine disks are misaligned from their original position. Herniated discs are a serious back condition that requires urgent treatment. The herniated disks may compress the nerves at the back, which causes intense pain. It may take you a while before you realize you have herniated disks. The back specialists will have to carry out x-rays and MRI scans to determine if you have herniated disks. The doctors will have to carry out surgery to move the herniated disks to their original position or replace them.

3.      Back sprains

Backs sprains are the misalignments caused on the bones and tissues of the back due to injuries. The injuries may be falls, motor accidents, and sports injuries. Sports players run a huge risk of getting a back sprain. Sports such as football, rugby, and sometimes basketball involve a lot of falls. A stressful blow to the back may cause a sprain and lead to back pain. Sprains heal faster if given early and proper treatment.

4.      Depression and anxiety

Feelings of extreme sadness and anxiety make you feel fatigued, and the body causes a lot of tension in the back. The human body may also cause a feeling of stiffness to the back, resulting in back pain. Take control of your depression and anxiety to prevent back pains.

5.      Osteoarthritis

The backbones have cartilage at the end of the bones to protect the vertebrae. Osteoarthritis occurs in the vertebrae leading to the disks of the vertebrae being compressed, eventually causing much back pain. Immediate treatment is necessary for people whose back pain is caused by osteoarthritis.

Back pain should not limit your productivity and comfort during the day. The condition must be treated early before the effects become extreme. Book an appointment at the Vertrae facility. The facility offers various treatments for back pain. The back surgery specialists will perform some medical examination to determine the causes of your back pain. Get early treatment to enjoy your normal life.