Gym facilities are there for a reason, and they help people achieve their fitness goals by providing the much-needed fitness equipment, environment, knowledge, and personal trainers. Although deciding to start working out is easy, sticking to your exercise routine is the most challenging part, especially when working out from home. 

It is easy to set up a home gym, but it is also easier to find other things to do like laundry, cooking, watching tv, etc., instead of working out. That explains why it is crucial to work out in an environment that motivates you. Here are the perks of joining a new gym Kirkland.


Although you can set up a home gym if you have plenty of space, gym equipment like cardio machines, treadmills, stair steppers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, strength training equipment, dumbbells, etc., do not come cheap. Besides, it may feel like a waste of resources if you don’t work out often. 

Joining a gym allows you to take advantage of the gym amenities at a lower cost than buying the equipment. It gives you access to state-of-the-art gym machines that you can use to achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness classes

Another perk of joining a gym is access to fitness classes to help you achieve your physical fitness goals with ease. Many people argue that they can join online fitness classes and do the exercises at home, but it is not the same as doing it with other people at the gym. Gym fitness classes are more interactive since you share the same fitness goals with other people and are more enjoyable.

Motivation and focus

Working out in a gym allows you to focus on your exercises and achieve your short-term goals with your workouts. You don’t have to worry about kids interrupting you, dirty laundry, or dishes waiting for you. Everyone in a gym is trying their best to work out, which motivates you to try harder. After all, you don’t want that next guy or lady running faster than you on the treadmill. It gives you that friendly competitive vibe that you are not alone on this journey, which can be quite enjoyable.


Joining a well-equipped gym like the one located in Kirkland urban plaza next door to Google can help you maintain your workout routine. Why? Because it eliminates the boredom that comes with working out from home. There is a good exercising environment to keep you focused at the gym, boosting your self-motivation. 

Gym community

Joining a gym allows you to be a part of the bigger gym community. Sweating along with everyone else is motivating and will enable you to make more friends and share your fitness journey with other gymgoers. Interacting with people who share the same fitness goals as you is also satisfying. 


Last but not least, a gym provides you with plenty of space and a friendly atmosphere to perform whatever exercises you want, from weightlifting to anaerobic. In contrast, your home gym may not give you the much-needed flexibility of working out because the space may be too cramped.