Glendora Recovery Center in Glendora, CA, wants to express our programs to those who need a helping hand. An addiction recovery center may seem like a big step. However, it is one in the right direction. Glendora Recovery center is made to be a one-stop treatment center for those searching for an addiction-free lifestyle. Our programs are open to adolescents and adults who seek interest in our addiction recovery center in Glendora, CA. Our staff is here to help anyone who needs our assistance in a better tomorrow! Believing in yourself is the first step to making a change.

Finding a Program

Now that you have decided you want to visit an addiction recovery center, it is time to check out the programs we offer. There are many different options available to help those who may need to work, have a family, or need to be with us full-time. One of our most popular programs is our Partial hospitalization program. During this program, you will be able to receive for several hours a day, choosing between a few days a week, and at night you will be able to go home. As a new member, you will be evaluated so our team can put together a treatment plan that is just right for you. Everyone’s PHP experience will be different to meet their needs. You will have group therapy as well as one on one sessions.

At our addiction recovery center in Glendora, CA, we also provide guidance on nutrition, fitness plans, relapse prevention, and anything else that you may need assistance with during or after your time at Glendora Recovery Center.

How Much Time Do You Spend at an Addiction Recovery Center?  

It is difficult to say exactly how long you will be with us because everyone’s program is built for their specific needs. For example, your treatment could last for three hours a day or more and up to five days a week. This might seem like a big commitment at first. However, it is not meant to last for a long time. Most of the time, a PHP program is between two to three weeks.

PHP Benefits

You will notice how wonderful it is to spend time in treatment for hours a few days a week. It becomes normal and the most effective way to overcome your addiction. You can learn new things and find ways to implement your needs to focus on yourself more! You should learn that this program is for you and find ways to navigate life outside of your addiction. Our staff here at Glendora Recovery Center is here to guide you and inform you of all the aspects life is full of when you let yourself become who you want to be.

Call Glendora Recovery Center Today

With a commitment such as this that can change your life for the better, we understand how difficult it can be. Once you know that it is the right path for you, call us, and we can help you start the recovery process. We have a number of resources and programs available to you. It is important to us that you find the perfect fit.